It’s Back For One Last Appearance!

Your life


You ASKED FOR IT! So...I'm bringing it back for ONE LAST TIME!


Are you ready to capture photos you love?


If you are ready to get off auto and use your camera's full potential you are ready for Your Life Captured Through The Lens.

In this online course you will see your photos improve as you read through each lesson's step by step help.


The 7 week on-line course is designed around the questions YOU HAVE to improve YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY.


Find Your Focus | How can you adjust your focus points and why do you need to? Which focus mode is best? How can you get sharper focus?

Push It To The Edge |  How can you get the blurry background you've seen in other's photos? What is the rule of thirds all about? What is an f/stop and how can you use them?

Give Me Space | What is all this talk about metering? What can you do when the light changes? What are the secrets to everyone else's great photos?

Fill The Frame | How can you take better portraits? How does the histogram help your photography?

Find A Different Angle | How can you tell a story with your composition?  What's all this mumbo-jumbo about RAW and white balance?

Bring It All Together | What are 10 things you can do to improve your photography?

In each lesson you receive both technical and composition instruction with LOTS of photo examples. Class begins June 15th! 

Your Life Captured Through The Lens Includes:

  • 6 lessons spread over 7 weeks so you have time to learn, practice, and share your photos

  • Downloadable pdf lessons, exercises & assignments

  • Techniques, techniques, techniques

  • 2 LIVE webinar - recorded for those unable to attend live

  • 6 instructional videos

  • Interactive forum for sharing ideas, questions,and resources

  • Class gallery for posting photos and receiving photo evaluation

  • Real interaction with your instructor, Katrina Kennedy – I’m there with you from beginning to end of class for questions and suggestions.


Class begins June 15th. 

Move To Manual Mode!

Class begins June 15th, 2015!


 "I took Captured Through the Lens and I loved having that ah-ha moment where I finally got it. After your class I was able to shoot in Manual when I hadn't been able to before. Taking your class finally made everything click for me! "
Amie Fetzer

"YLCTL is a wonderful class that delivers as promised! The fact that the lessons start at the ground level and work up makes it all come together until one day you realize I CAN shoot in manual! The support and encouragement from Katrina and fellow classmates makes the journey even more enjoyable."
Caren Larsh

"Katrina is an amazing teacher. She explains things so they are very easy to understand. I learned SO much. I almost always use my camera in manual mode since taking her class."
Jackie Lofthouse

"I love the way Katrina explains things,I was having trouble getting the concept of back button focus,but she explained it until I got it!! I have been using bbf since the class and my focus has improved so much!"
Lisa Sittloh

I'm so excited to take YLCTL again!!! This will be my third round and every time I learn something. Techniques click, ideas come together and I move toward mastering the buttons and settings on my camera! I have proudly moved off auto mode so there is no stopping me now! 
Danielle Taylor

I loved this class because it gave me confidence to try new things with my camera.  I learned some ways to use the options on the camera so I do not just have a very expensive point and shoot.  I saw some surprising results in my photos.  I would look at the photos and think, "did I really take that photo?"!!!!!
D Bellem


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  3. L Squared

    Looking forward to seeing whats coming in 2015. I really want to move to manual and have heard this class is the best!

  4. Donna Cartner

    When will the class Your Life Captured Through Lens be available again? I just finished your class on True scrap and would like to take it. I have a dslr camera and usually just shoot in auto but want to start using manual more.
    Donna Cartner

  5. Shantel Fountain

    I have registered for this class but when I look in my classroom it says Level: Your Life but it is cross out. Is there something more I should be doing in order to have access to the class? I would like to get started right away since I missed the first week. Thank you.

  6. Tina Thomas

    I signed up for this class this morning, but still don’t see it in “my classes” should I be concerned or does it take a while for it to process
    Tina Thomas

    • HI Tina, I think you have one step left before your class will show up! I’ve sent you an email explaining what you need to do!

      Thanks for being part of YourLife!

  7. Nancy Lee

    Hi, I have signed up for this class and am looking forward to it but I cannot create a password or sign in. Would you please contact me privately to set this up again. The sign up if you are not registered screen only appeared once. I thought I was registered my email is not being recognized. Thanks so much.

  8. Hi there, I am interested in signing up for this class but I have a couple of questions.

    1. Is it a specific time? I see some dates but many of those I can’t make because of work or other commitments. Somehow I don’t see this information.
    2. I will be traveling in between those 7 weeks so how do I still stay in touch with what’s going on with the tutorials.

    Thanks very much. I have a Nikon D600 and a Nikon D300. I am pretty good with the photos but would love to do more without using the auto feature.

    • Is there a way to send you a private message without it being on a public forum. I couldn’t find a link to that. Thanks.

    • Hi there!
      Glad you found us!
      1. Each lesson arrives in the classroom on Monday morning at 4AM Pacific time. You can download it as you have time. The webinars are scheduled for a specific time, but are always recorded for those class members who can’t attend.

      2. During your travels if you can find wifi to download the lessons, you can easily grab them and follow along. They will also be available after class if you aren’t able to get them while you travel.

      Let me know if you have other questions!


  9. StephanieD

    I signed up for this class last fall, and unfortunately it turned out to be more than I could handle. I was in the process of a move back to the States from Europe. I see that I’m able to access the links for the class. How long will those links last? Do I need to download everything ASAP? Thank you for your help.

    • StephanieD

      After reading through all the messages, I found my answer. Sorry to have bothered you.

      • No bother! You have ongoing access to class. There will be short periods that lessons aren’t available when we are setting up to reoffer it, but you’ll get access to the new offering.

  10. I’m also wondering when you’ll have your life captured again. I hope soon!

  11. Natalia

    Hi, I would like to sign up, but I’m not sure if can start this late. It’s it a class a can view on my own time our should I wait until the next time you off the class? If so, when is the next time you offer this class? Thanks!

    • You’ll have access to the lessons and keep that access after the class ends. You’ll be able to view it on your own time. The next class won’t be scheduled until the late summer.

  12. Sorry to be a bother…
    I signed up for class this AM and I can’t sign in and I can’t find a contact button??

  13. Hi Katrina,

    I have taken Your Kids TTL and Exposure classes and am wondering if this class really complements those classes or if it would be mostly repetition of one or the other.

    • Hi Karen,
      This class isn’t repetition of the other two, but if you’ve successfully completed Exposure, this class may be too basic for you. Your Life moves you from Auto to Manual Mode. Exposure, as you know, is all manual mode, so you’re probably beyond Your Life.

  14. The dates for this class aren’t optimal for outdoor photos in my area of the country and the lighting in our home isn’t the best, especially on gloomy winter days. Should I wait and take this class at another time or is my concern unfounded? What are your thoughts?

  15. Hi Katrina,
    I have taken you CYKTTL (Capture Your Kids Through The Lens) class and was wondering if the content of this one is quite similar or would this class enhance what was done in that class.


    • This is a great next step after Your Kids. Your Life has much more technical information and walks you through Manual Mode, Aperture Priority, and Shutter Priority shooting.

  16. Is this on my own time or is there a certain time each week the class will be??

    • HI Amanda,
      The class comes out each Monday, but can be read at your own time. There are two webinars that are live, but I also record them so you can watch them on your own time.

  17. Hi Katrina,
    I bought a Nikon d5100 when I was pregnant with my daughter w/ high hopes to play around and learn to really use it but life is a little busy and now it remains on auto. What class would you recommend I start with for beginners?

  18. Jan Campbell

    Hi Katrina
    I am a point and shoot digi scrapper, but am often disappointed with lighting in my photos. i do have a DSLR camera, and am wondering if your classes would be suitable for someone with no experience using camera settings (other than auto!).

    • This is a great class for exactly what you describe! I’ll help you move from auto to manual mode in a step by step way. And the rest of the CY365 community will be there to help you succeed!

  19. Katy Sheppard

    I want to sign up too but no link yet!

  20. Hey there,

    Just wondering how i go about signing up for the class…..?

  21. Is registration for the February 2014 class still open? How do I register for it?

  22. I am trying to decide between your two classes. I have taken a few online classes so far, and work mainly off of the AV or TV settings on my camera, as well as Manual; however, I am not totally confident in M mode yet. Do you recommend this course or the other course you have going on?

    • This will give you a very solid understanding of manual, but may have some repetition. If you’d like to take Exposure, let me know. We are on week three, but all info would be accessible.

  23. Hey Katrina,

    Really interested in taking this course…. and this may be a silly question, but is it all online/distant learning…. ? And does it matter what sort of lens you use?

    Oh and one more … Im a complete novice, and I notice you have two courses available. Would you reccomend any one in particular?

    Georgie 🙂

    • Hi Georgie,

      It is all online/distant learning. Not a silly question at all! For this class any lens will work. It moves you through understanding your camera and moving it to manual mode. Each lesson includes a composition piece to compliment the technical information .

      As a complete novice, I’d recommend this class!

  24. Katy Sheppard

    Hi Katrina,

    Was looking for the link to sign up for this class. Is it not up yet?

  25. Kay O'Grady

    Where dod I sign up for the course; Your Life, Captured throught the lens?

  26. When will the last day be that we can register for this class?

  27. Buschiazzo

    Hi, i would be very interested in taking one of your classes. Whichever one is starting soonest. I noticed that the course called “capturing your life through the lens” starts 9th September. It doesnt specify whether its for 2012 or 2013. Please could you let me know. I have started the 365 project but need a helping hand with technique and getting off auto mode. I really enjoy the project and looking at the prompts in the morning is the first thing i do!!! Thanks lisa buschiazzo

  28. Hi, Katrina. Would I be able to take this class solely on an iPad?

    • Hi Robbin,

      You can access all of the parts of class from an iPad. I believe the webinars are viewable, but you cant ask questions on an iPad. that is the only limitation I know of.

  29. Amy Bryant

    I will be signing up at the end of the month… definitely a class for me!

  30. Rachel Berger

    Hi, Katrina. I’m already registered for the 3/5 class and can’t wait to get started! When I registered there was a webpage that asked us to share what we hoped to learn from the class, but I didn’t have time to answer right then. Now I can’t find that page. Would you send me the link, please? Thanks.

    • Hi Rachel,
      In the menu bar select Your Classes. You can then sign in and will be able to see the main classroom page for Your Life Captured Through The Lens.

  31. Hi, I don’t have a DSLR but the camera I have does have a manual option I think and an aperture and shutter priority mode. Does this work for this course?

    • Hi Melissa,
      With manual options this class will be helpful. There will be a few dSLR settings you won’t be able to take advantage of, but you will definitely be able to make the most of your camera!

  32. sawilkersn

    I am wanting to sign up for this class but I can’t find the “buy now” button – can you guide me to where it would be?

  33. Katrina, I am still not seeing the buy button in the newsletter or on this page for the class….I don’t want to be a pain, but I don’t want to miss signing up for the class either!! Has it been posted and I’ve missed it somehow ? Thanks !

  34. Charlotte MacPherson

    Katrina, I took your Holiday class and enjoyed it very much. I would like to sign up for Life Through the Lens class. Where can I do that?

    • Hi Charlotte!
      Registration will open tomorrow (2/12) right on this page. You’ll see a BUY NOW button appear.

      Check your email first though. Past class members and newsletter subscribers will receive a special link!

  35. Hi Katrina, I get your daily “Grab your 365 Photo Prompt” email,is this the newsletter? I really would love to join this class that you have starting on 3/5, is the registration open yet or am I looking in th wrong place? This sounds so exciting!

    • Hi there Tamera,

      Registration will open on the 10th. We had to push it back a few days to make sure everything was in order. You are on the right mailing list to the get the discount!

      • Awesome! I can’t wait. Will you by chance talk about different lenses? I have a Canon Rebel Xti with the stock 18-55mm lens. I’d love any suggestions you may have for another type of lens to work with. We’ve got a family vacation planned to Hawaii this summer and I’d love to be able to take some great shots.

  36. Lauren Herbert

    Hi Katrina,

    just wondering how to register for your class. I know registration “opens” today, but I didn’t see anything in/on the daily newsletter as far as how to register and pay. Looking forward to it 🙂

    • Hi Lauren,
      I’m working out a few technical issues and then registration will open. Daily emails will have a link that leads you to the sales page. Thanks for your patience.

  37. I see the registeration is closed to this class…is there anyway to do a late registeration ?

    • Hi Dana,
      The registration opens on February 5th with class beginning March 5th! You aren’t late at all. Subscribe to the email list for a little extra discount!

  38. Marina Delgado

    Hi Katrina – I just signed up for Your Kids but would also like to take this one to become more adept with my camera. When will this one be starting?

    • Hi Marina,

      This class will start in March, right after Your Kids finishes. You’ll get a special discount price at the end of Your Kids! So glad you’ll be joining me.

  39. Hi Katrina,
    I see that this class will be offered this year.. I’m very excited, and this will be the first time I’m taking your class. I found you randomly on a forum and read your explanation on Aperture and thought to myself, “wow, she makes it so simple!” So here I am! Please, when does registration start? Thanks!

  40. Rachel (rach3975)

    I just saw that you have this class listed for Feb. 2013. I’m so excited yo’ll be teaching it soon! Several people have recommended this class to me. When does registration open? Thanks.

  41. JC in Hawaii

    I JUST found the information on the “Your Life Caputured Throught the Lens” class and was terrible disapointed to learn I missed it. Do yo plan on offering the class again in 2013, and if so, do you have any idea when? Aloha

  42. lynda morris

    I too was waiting for the September class…I get your daily Prompts but never saw this class mentioned anywhere. Too late? When will you do your next one?

    • Hi there Lynda. Thanks for leaving a comment. We are getting started on our third week. Send me an email if you are still interested in registering and I’ll take care of things for you. katrina at katrinakennedy dot com

      Classes are always listed for a week or so in the side bar of the email. Everyone on the list also receives a discounted price email a few weeks before class begins.

      My apologies that this one slipped by for you.

  43. Hi! I’m very interested in this class, it says begins in September, have I missed registration?

    • We started last week Shasta. Send me an email at katrina at katrinakennedy dot com if you are still interested.

      • Sharon Reynolds

        I too have been waiting to sign up for this class. The page I open kept saying “registration coming in Septeber, but it was already September. I kept waiting and then when I received an email it said that day was the last day but when I went to click on the link it said OOPS. I am so confused to find out the class has already started when I have been eyeing this page waiting for registration to open. Today is September 26th and it still says “coming in September.” How did I miss it? LOL I sent a reply to the newsletter several days ago but have heard no response. Maybe the reply doesn’t work when coming from your emails. ???

        Sharon Reynolds

        • Check your email Sharon 🙂 I just sent you a response! My apologies for missing your first email.

        • Sharon Reynolds

          Katrina, I hope you received my last email. In the second to the last one I had a typing error. I went to CKC in Cincinnati this past weekend and I’m inspired. I love your 365 and blog. Behave a wonderful day.

  44. Hi, I’m living in France and I would love to follow this class;
    is the registration closed now, and is there another class session soon?

    • Hi Nadia,

      Thanks for your interest! The class registration is now closed. I’ll be offering Your Life Captured Through The Lens in the first half of 2013. Your Holidays Captured Through The Lens is the next class that I will offer.

  45. Awe!! I missed signing up for Your Life! I so need this class. I did not see all the questions and answers about it and wasn’t sure I could take the class since I work, but I find out that will not be a problem. I hope you have another class soon!! I have a 5 week old granddaughter and 3 yo grandson and a camera that will take awesome pictures, but I need some training in how to use it. This looks like just what I need.

  46. Dena Barrie

    I live in Europe but would love to take the class, would the time difference be a problem for me?

    • Hi Dena,

      The time different shouldn’t be a problem. We have two live events that are recorded, so you will still have access to them. Otherwise, all of the information is in downloadable pdfs. The forum and the gallery are open 24/7 as well.

      Please let me know if you have other questions.

  47. Do you have the dates/times for the live events? That will help me determine if I can take the class at this time.


    • Hi Alex,

      There are two live events. I don’t have dates and times yet. For this class I’ll be putting a poll out to all students to see what works best for most people. I always attempt to record the events to make them available for everyone. I make them available to everyone. In the event the recording fails, I record something similar for those not able to attend.

  48. Cortney

    Will this class be held around Nov…or January?

    • Hi Cortney,
      This class will run from September 18 through October 30th. I’ll be offering it again in 2013, but haven’t set a date just yet.

  49. Susan Keenan

    Will you be doing this again soon? Any chance of a wait list for this one? Our email was down, and I missed this opportunity, but really want to do the class!!

  50. Charlene Waymire

    Perfect timing Katrina! I just bought myself a new DSLR last week and your class will be a great refresher. Looking forward to getting back in the shooting mode.

  51. Hello
    This looks very interesting to me. Will there be printouts of each class?

  52. This is FABULOUS and congratulations, Katrina 🙂 Too much on my plate right now, but I’ll be signing up for the September course, for sure!!

  53. Danielle Baldwin

    Hi Katrina,

    I can’t wait for the class to start! I’ve been interested in photography since highschool – and maybe even before that…. I absolutely LOVE taking pictures! I’ve played around with the colour, focus, and flash settings on my previous digital camera, just to see what effect the different settings would have on my pictures.

    This past Christmas I treated myself to a new camera. Now, I want to move away from the automatic settings and actually understand what I’m doing. I’ve mostly been playing with the zoom and seeing how high I can take it while still keeping my subject in crisp focus. But I want to learn more about how to use the different aperture and focal length settings, as well as how to set up the camera for shooting in different lighting conditions.

    A friend of mine recommended this course after taking it last Spring. She found it very interesting and extremely useful! I can’t wait to start shooting!

    Danielle 🙂

  54. Jenell

    I have a dslr and know how to use the manual setting, manually set focal points, and shoot in RAW but still have a hard time coming up with sharp pictures. I feel weak in the compostition area. Would this still be a good class for me or is there another one you would recommend?

    • Jenell –

      Cute dog 😉 We have a yorkie too!

      I think this class will sharpen ( ;-)) Some of your skills and begin to tap into composition for you. Currently this course is my best match for what you are describing.

      If it doesn’t meet your needs I’m happy to refund your money.

  55. Vivian

    Just registered for this class. I hope I have done everything right. I am really really REALLY looking forward to this class!

  56. Terri Torrez

    I would love to take this class but I just can’t take on anything else this spring. Will you be offering this class again during this year? And can you give us an idea of what other classes you may be offering this year, so that I can better budget my time and money. Thanks.

    • I will be offering this class again. Most likely the fall. I’ll have a schedule for the year up later this spring.

      You can expect to see these classes this year:

      Your Kids Captured Through The Lens (May)
      Exposure (June)
      Your Life Captured Through the Lens (Sept)
      Your Holidays Captured Through The Lens (December)

      I’ll be working on keeping registration in the $60 range except for Your Holidays which will have a super special Holiday price!

      I’ll be adding two new classes that I can’t share just yet! Soon though 😉

  57. How long are your videos available to students after the 6 week course? I find life gets in the way during workshops like these and I sometimes fall behind. If it is limited to only 6 weeks, I won’t be able to sign up. Thanks for the info… sounds like such a great course!

    • Hi Jane!

      The videos will be available indefinitely. I’m working on making them downloadable, but don’t have that quite in place yet.

      I completely understand how life can step into things during class!

      • Jenni R

        That’s amazing news that they are available forever. I’d love to download too if you got that up and going. I think I will be signing up!

  58. Jenni R

    How does your kids captured thru your lens differ from this one? I probably won’t be able to take both so I’m trying to decide if I should take this one or wait for the kids one in May. Thanks !

    • Hi Jenni,
      Your Kids covers working with your kids in creative, fun ways as well as different types of photos to capture.

      Your Life focuses on using your camera most effectively. We move through all of the buttons and dials to get you confidently shooting in manual mode.

      • Jenni R

        Thanks for the quick reply. I think I’ll be signing up. I’m really excited !

  59. Hi Katrina, I’m very new to learning about taking better pictures. Just got a new SLR camera and want desperately to learn to use it well…and not just in auto mode. Is this class self-paced? How long will the content be available? Just for the 6 weeks or some weeks after? Is there a maximum registration number? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Becki!

      The class begins on March 15 and a new lesson is posted each week for 6 weeks. You will join others in the forum and gallery during those six weeks for conversation, feedback, and help. There will be a live webinar (Date TBD) and a chat during our time together. I am limiting registration to maximize the time I can spend with each student.

      To be among the first to know when registration opens, sign up for the newsletter list. The registration link will go to newsletter subscribers first in a special email on Sunday.

      Please let me know if you have other questions!

  60. So glad you are excited Deb!

    Class lessons are posted each week for six weeks. You can sign in and upload your photos at any time. When registration is live you will be able to sign up here. I’ll also be sending an early registration link to newsletter subscribers.

    Keep asking your questions! I’m here to help!

  61. How do your classes work? Do we have to be online to view at certain times or can we go view anytime? Do I just go to this site to sign up? I know I have alot of questions…sorry. This is new and exciting for me!!

  62. Will you be offering your Exposure class again soon?

  63. Will you be offering the kids version of this class anytime soon?

  64. Natalie Ramirez

    When is the class and what is the cost?

  65. Terri Torrez

    What are the dates for this class? I’m not seeing those anywhere.

  66. Elaine Stewart

    can we use a point & shoot camera or does it need to be an SLR camera? thanks

    • Hi Elaine,
      You are welcome to use a point and shoot. There is a composition element of each class that works for any camera. There will be a portion of each class and many of the assignments that will not be relevant for a point and shoot. I’ve had p&s users in class before. You are welcome to give it a try and if it doesn’t work out for you I can happily refund your purchase.


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