Your Holidays Captured Through The Lens in 2013


This 7-lesson course is designed to help you painlessly, quickly, and beautifully photograph YOUR HOLIDAYS.

The Lights | How can you capture the beautiful lights of the holidays in creative ways?

O' Christmas Tree |  How can you photograph your Christmas tree? How do you create photos of family standing in front of the tree? 

The Ornaments | What is the key to capturing the details of your ornaments? What props can make your ornaments  shine? 

The Presents, Paper, and Ribbons| How can you best compose the most interesting photos? What are the angles and points of view to look for? 

Holiday Food & Drink | What steps can you take to show off your holiday yummies? How can a little added flash improve your food photos?

It's Cold Outside | When you step outside how can you capture holiday lights? Why does your snow look grey and how can you fix it?

Christmas Morning | How can you capture the lowlight, quick moving moments of Christmas morning? 


Your Holidays Captured Through The Lens Includes:

  • 3 weeks of lessons and support

  • 7 Downloadable pdf lessons, exercises & assignments

  • Techniques, techniques, techniques

  • 1 LIVE webinar - recorded for those unable to attend live

  • 3 instructional videos

  • Interactive forum for sharing ideas, questions,and resources

  • Class gallery for posting photos and receiving photo evaluation

  • Real interaction with your instructor, Katrina Kennedy – I’m there with you from beginning to end of class for questions and suggestions.


 Class is suitable for both dSLR and point & shoot camera users. A basic understanding of your camera is helpful, but lessons provide step-by-step instruction for every level.


New Bonus Phone Tips Handout with this year's class!


Lesson 1 Lights-4

1 of 3 light lessons included in Lesson One!


"For years I had wondered how people captured the beautiful bokeh from the lights of the Christmas Tree. Not only did I learn how to achieve this, but loved the sharing of photos, the sharing of techniques, and how you made me think ‘this is alot easier than what I imagined’ Thank you soo much Katrina, for making this class so enjoyable and so much fun too."
Janet M

"I loved your Holiday class! Finally getting the "bokeh" shot was awesome! It's a great class -- it made me slow down a bit of focus on the memory capturing of the most busy time of the year."

Jennifer S.


Don't Miss Out On The Fun!365 Dec 25 Dressed in holiday style-9820

"I received EXCELLENT instruction; honest feedback and constructive criticism; both from Katrina and members of the class. Katrina goes the extra mile to ensure that you learn." 


"I wasn't bogged down in trying to "figure it out".  Your instructions gave a great jumping off point and I got gorgeous holiday shots right away."

Deirdre Harger


  1. Peggy Skinner

    Do you have a sample from the class I could look at or a sample video.
    I have purchased classes like this on line and have had some that were very disappointing.
    Felt I had been taken….
    Please let me know, this really does sound interesting….

  2. Jacqueline

    Hi Katrina, do you need to have any special software to go with this? I’m assuming the Lightroom post was an example of how your teaching style is, just wanted to check if we will we need anything other than our camera’s? Thanks for your time.

  3. Is it possible to get something similar to the beautiful light photo with a point and shoot? I love this look.

  4. Hi there, my teacher in London told me about this, can I still sign up for the class ? I am based in Dubai, how long would each sesion be and do you think timings would be a problem? Is it still US dollars 36 or have I missed the offer ?? Thanks Monica.

    • Hi Monica, you certainly can!

      Registration closes Sunday, December 2nd.

      The webinar is the only live session and I will be recording it for those not able to attend. The $36 offer ended on Monday.

  5. I just signed up! I can’t wait to start! I need to pull my DSLR out of the closet and start using it again! Now that my children are at college I find myself taking fewer photos because I don’t have my girls to harass with my camera. I need to learn to take pictures of things other than my family. I think you will help me with this, Katrina. I look forward to starting next week. Thanks!

  6. SharonK (TXGram)

    I’m signed up, but am unclear how to get gallery access for for Your Holidays Captured through the Lens. Looking forward to the class :-)

  7. Hello!! I would like to sign up for this class. I meant to do so last night, but didn’t get to it. Am I too late? I just tried to sign up and PayPal is not letting me process my payment. I can also pay with a credit card, but PayPal is the only option I’m getting. I hope I’m not too late!!

    • You can definitely still sign up. I’m leaving the registration open through the rest of this week. I sent you an email with a few options for you.

  8. Hi Katrina

    How do I login to the class please?

  9. Is it too late to sign up for this class?

  10. Debbie Branch

    I just found your wonderful site yesterday. Was wondering if I can still join this class?

  11. Millie Pena

    Hello Katrina,

    I know the holidays are over but, for someone who still has her tree up, is there any chance I can join “Your Holidays Captured Through The Lens”? I just discovered your website and I know it may be too late, but I have been searching online for photography classes and your site really caught my attention. Crossing my fingers…

  12. Rebecca Cullimore

    Is this class currently available or was it just last year?

  13. jennifer matthews-jameson

    so excited to do this class !!!

  14. Heather K

    I loved this class! It was my first with Katrina. I can’t wait to see the gallery this year!!

  15. Hi Katrina, I am so excited for class to begin! Quick question… I completed the registration once but then got a second e-mail asking me to go through the same steps again? Any thoughts on what I should do?


  16. Ruth Dorr

    Hello Katrina, This class looks quite interesting. I would be someone who could not
    attend in person. If I sign up, are the downloadable lessons available all at one time?
    What date is the webinar available? Will all the be explained if I register for the class?
    Thanks. Ruth

    • Hi Ruth,

      This class is all on-line. Lessons arrive in the classroom every other day beginning December 2nd. The webinar recording should be available the day after the webinar. The dates and details for each lesson and webinar are available after you register.

      Please let me know if you have other questions.

  17. Soooo excited to start this!!!

  18. Cynthia S.

    How long does this class stay open after the last lesson? Is it a limited time class or one of these never ending where I can access it months from now if I need to do so? THanks for any info….

    • Hi Cynthia,

      Class is accessible indefinitely. You’ll find lots of support in the forum after class is over too!

      Let me know if you have other questions.


  19. Laura BC

    Good morning! I registered for this class this morning, but am having difficulty accessing the classroom. Would you be able to help me out?

  20. Angela Norris

    Dear katrina
    On the 21st November I paid by Paypal for Your Holidays captured through the lense and I know that the course started yesterday but I have heard nothing from you!!

  21. Is it too late to sign up for this class?

  22. Is it still possible to sign up for this class?

    • Hi Cynthia,

      The registration is still available. You’ll have access to the class materials and the forum/gallery. The registration will close on January 1st.

      Please let me know if you have other questions.



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