Your December Story | I’m Giving Away A Free Pass

I got a peek at “Your December Story” and I’m giving away a free pass

I checked out lesson 1 of Debbie Hodge’s Your December Story this weekend, and I want to tell you about the class and give you a peek at how it’s inspired me.

CaptureYour365 wouldn’t exist without Debbie Hodge. I was sitting next to her on a bus in 2009 when she asked if ever thought about teaching photography. And the rest is history! The amazing thing about Debbie (and her classes) is her ability to see things with a creative twist. She puts the smart into scrapbooking in an insightful and challenging way. If  to create a record of your December like none before, get in on this class.

I’m also giving away one pass to the class. (If you already purchased the class, you’ll get a $24 gift card good for any other GIS/MSD classes.)

Your December Story is shaped around the Hero’s Journey

This December, like Dorothy dropped into Oz or Alice tumbled into Wonderland, you will receive a call to adventure. You will move from the ordinary world into a one of magic and tests as the holiday season arrives.

Many of the most-loved and best remembered stories play out in a story form described by Joseph Campbell as “the hero’s journey.” This class has prompts and page ideas for visual storytelling that have you telling Your December Journey, from the heralds, to the challenges, mentors, special tools and the return to the known world and what you take forward.

You can take the journey and get a $10 gift card . . .

but only through midnight Wednesday, November 20th. When you purchase “Your December Story” by midnight PT, Wednesday, November 20, you also get a $10 gift card that you can use for Get It Scrapped and Masterful Scrapbook Design classes. Click here to purchase Your December Story and get the $10 gift card.

This is what I think of the class and how it inspired me

The English major geek in me, loved seeing the format Debbie used for this class. In Lesson One she draws from Alice In Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and Peter & Wendy to capture the story of your everyday life leading into December. She provides prompts for your written stories about your November activities to create a scrapbook page .  She includes page  examples pages as well as  a lesson on visual story telling (and isn’t that what we are all about at CY365?).

As I read through the first lesson I kept thinking, “anyone who has taken a photo a day with our November list is ready for Lesson 1!” Even without a photo a day, Debbie will guide you through creating your everyday story.  I loved her journaling prompts that include thoughtful questions about how you prepare for your holiday journey, where you store your decor, and more. Follow her prompts and you will document the most complete story you’ve ever told about your holiday!

I’m excited to see what the other 5 lessons bring. Her class beautifully compliments Your Holidays Captured Through The Lens. Your Holidays will walk you step-by-step through the photos to go with the hero’s journey of Your December Story.

See how the rest of the blog hoppers are using this class (and get 20+ more chances to win)

Put your name in the drawing to win the class

In the comments below tell me what the early signs of Christmas are for you. I will draw the winner on Thursday, November 21, 2013.

The drawing is now closed!

Congratulations to our winner Heather K!


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  2. Linda Stewart

    Christmas carols!

  3. Kelley Fewer

    I know Christmas is coming when I can watch the cyber Yule log burning on my satellite dish!

    shine on!

  4. One of the first signs of Christmas for me is the huge number of catalogs I start getting in the mail!

  5. Carol Greenwald

    The first signs that bring Christmastime home to me is walking the aisles in the craft stores and seeing all of the Christmas goodies. Thanks for the chance to wi.

  6. Unfortunately its the christmas products in the shops in October!

  7. Seeing Hallmark decorations in Target in September!

  8. jenlynnie

    My early indicator is usually my kids on Halloween, but this year the stores had them beat. Xmas stuff out mid October.

  9. Elizabeth

    Listening to Christmas carols while shopping and it is still mid November.

  10. When the lights are on the tree, and it’s dark outside. It feels magical…

  11. The early signs of Christmas are the colder weather and how I find myself being a little more frugal so I can spend on Christmas. I love thinking of gifts for people.

  12. Christmas music being “legal” to play and not have eyes rolled at me when I break it out.

  13. When my December Daily kit arrived in the mail and I started getting holiday catalogs!

  14. LeeAndra F.

    It starts to feel like Christmas to me when I start seeing commercials on TV, so anytime after October 31st. 😉

  15. Increase in catalogs in the mail and Black Friday emails. Thanks for a chance to win!

  16. Michelle P.

    Snow, Christmas decorations, and watching Elf!

  17. Tammy Davis

    Lights in the Park! and everywhere else in town – I officially start my Christmas the Friday after Thanksgiving! Can’t believe it is just over one week away! Thanks for the chance!

  18. Christine

    Wandering the aisles at Hobby Lobby picking out our yearly Christmas ornaments.

  19. Sometimes the signs come a bit early, but it’s clear now that Christmas is coming. Even the grocery store is decorated inside and out. For me, this year, it was visiting the Biltmore Estate the end of October. Since it takes so many weeks to decorate this incredible mansion, they were well under way. By the time I left, I was ready to think about the holidays.

  20. The early sign for Christmas to me are the appearance of the Christmas specific candies at the supermarket – my favorite are the Candy Cane Kisses & M&Ms.

  21. Diane Downs

    The early signs of Christmas for me are the holiday catalogs. I remember as a kid getting the Sear’s catalog in August (August!) each year and combing through the toy section (because really, the rest of the catalog was totally boring!) We don’t get Sear’s anymore, but my kids have adapted with Toys R Us, Target, Walmart and every other advertisement that comes through that mail box. Thanks for the chance to win – this sounds like a fantastic class!

  22. My husband wearing his Christmas Hawaiian shirt.

  23. Mary Beth

    I plan to record my Dec. in notes and pictures along the way. Then in Jan when the snow is flying and the temps plummet I plan to put it all together on a beautiful way. Grandchildren will make it gorgeous!

  24. I’m trying to follow your lists and you’re right! I’m pretty much ready for lesson 1 🙂 can’t wait for the December list! Thank you for making these (and don’t count me in the giveaway)

  25. Julia Colli

    Jacarandas in bloom and cicadas singing are sure signs that Christmas is coming soon here in Sydney 🙂

  26. Commercials on television reminding me to get a move-on!

  27. Lights on the houses, I’ve seen quite a few already.

  28. Lee Ann M

    Early signs of Christmas for me is definitely not the Christmas displays and items for sale on the store shelves in October… For me, I think it’s bringing up the Christmas decorations from our basement and the hubby putting the tree together so we can start decorating… And, this happens the weekend after Thanksgiving…

  29. I’m glad to hear you say your class, Your Holidays, will compliment Debbie’s because I was wondering. I agree about your November photo prompts providing a visual source for Debbie’s lesson 1 – hadn’t thought about that connection. Early signs of Christmas are my mom calling the firs part of Nov for our wish lists because we live a thousand miles away. She wants time to shop and ship. I have a great memory I wouldn’t have thought to capture of my son laughing hysterically as he tried to explain a book series called, Captain Underpants, to her on a video call. He wants more books in the series.

  30. Early signs of Christmas for me is Operation Christmas Child and my neighbors. I walk every night and it is such a treat to see some of my neighbors start putting out their lights and decorations in the middle of November! I took your Holidays Captured class. I can honestly say my photos improved 100% and I am looking forward to combining the two classes and really having memories to treasure.

  31. Melinda T

    Definitely seeing Christmas stuff in stores by end of Oct!

  32. This week we are packing our shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. They are due before Thanksgiving. That is usually what kicks of the Christmas season for me.

  33. Janet Trapp

    Christmas music on the radio!

  34. Kristan Wun

    Starting to see Christmas lights all over town…

  35. Jenny McGee

    My son starting to listen to the Christmas music channel on cable. I love it, but am not ready yet.

  36. Kathleen D

    As I was walking today I just wanted to sing the Christmas carols that you often don’t hear on the radio (the old faithful ones which actually mention Christ). So even though it’s November I sang some and they just lifted my spirit. So for me it’s the music that is the early signs of Christmas.

  37. I heard my first christmas carol in the drugstore today; guess it’s really here. Seems like it was just september a minute ago!

  38. When stores begin to put out the garland!

  39. Janice Lynne Lewis

    Christmas starts here on November 1 in the stores when the Halloween decorations come down and the Christmas decorations go up! Around mid-November the leaves are mostly gone off the trees and it starts to get cold. All of a sudden Tim Hortons and Starbucks are busy with couples and families dressed in warm coats and bright scarves. Then I know the season is upon us and I’d better get cracking!

  40. for me the earliest sign of Christmas is the Fleet Farm Toyland opening. I love getting there in the rush and finding great deals. It is in mid-October. 🙂

  41. Early signs of Christmas are ads in my inbox and seeing all the lights going up in my neighbourhood.

  42. Starting to see lots of Christmas ideas turn up in my blog stream is turning into a Christmas signal for me I’ve discovered.

  43. For me the early signs of Christmas include the toy catalogues that start showing up and the Hallmark mailings. I buy ornaments for all my adult children and grandchildren each year. I try giving these to them on Thanksgiving, which certainly is the beginning of my holiday season.

  44. Frances Mikesell

    Wyoming’s snow in October starts the holiday season for me.

  45. When Pumpkin Lattes are in the stores, I know I Christmas is coming!

  46. In our family the first signs of Christmas are
    1. Victoria’s birthday on 15th december
    2. Toy magazines through our door.
    These are the main signs.

  47. For me it’s when we have our first rain, and the trees are left bare. That’s a sure sign the holidays are fast approaching. Or…when your crazy neighbor already has his Christmas lights up a week ago!

  48. The Columbus Day sales are traditionally when I start thinking about Christmas shopping. I started this many years ago when expecting my fourth child. My due date was mid-January but I had a history of early deliveries. I found that getting the shopping finished early allowed me to enjoy the holidays more.

  49. Early signs of Christmas is the change in the radio music even before Thanksgiving! And the cold weather. Wow, this sounds really unique and different way of experiencing the holidays. I love the concept. Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. Marina D-K

    Early signs of Christmas for me are the day after Thanksgiving. While we may not have true seasons in SoCal there is something about the Day after Thanksgiving that puts me in the mood to decorate (i’m not a Black Friday shopper).

  51. Courtney M

    This year, I noticed the newspaper getting thicker and thicker with ads. My mom pulling out the Christmas stuff once Hallowe’en is over (She’s Canadian, so Thanksgiving was in October).

  52. My son is starting to give me a gift list, that’s a sure sign it’s getting close.

  53. Dianne Denhem

    The early signs for me are the Christmas Bazaars that pop up every weekend in November.

  54. Early signs for us: Christmas music playing in the stores and my hubs and me checking out the cute yard decorations on display.

  55. My mailbox (paper and electronic) are filling up with ads and catalogs.

  56. The music at the mall … for sure. And the Santa that’s already setup in the center of the shopping center!

  57. Snow falling is a good sign that Christmas will soon be here. Makes me want to pull out my carols and I have 2 new cds so we’re swinging to some wonderful Michael Buble!

  58. The early signs of Christmas for me are catalogs coming in the mail, cold weather, first snow flakes and November! Thank you for the chance to win!

  59. heather prins

    Starbucks red cups!!

  60. Thinking about Christmas cards (homemeade or photo cards). Deciding whether/how to scrapbook December (12×12 or minibook or pocket pages). Getting the tree in early December. The start of Advent.

  61. Putting the tree up the day after Thanksgiving!! Christmas is just around the corner after that!!!

  62. Heather K

    Starting the fireplace up for the first time of the season, hanging Christmas lights before it gets too cold outside, crafting ornaments to hang on the tree with my little guy, and creating the yearly scrapbook we give to grandma and grandpa each year.

  63. Louise Murr

    The early signs to me are the peppermint creamer and my son wanting some peanut butter balls…lol

  64. Bernadette Gerich

    The early signs of Christmas for me are all the toy catalogues arriving in the mail.

  65. The first sign is the decorations in the stores before Halloween. And my favorite music station switches to all Christmas music early November.

  66. Rosalie Vos Tulp

    Target seems to start Christmas the day after Halloween. The store converts over night

  67. The month of Dec may not be an early sign, but I like to think it is.

  68. Jennilyn Thiboult

    For me, living in Florida, there is not much “wintery” things happening.
    So, the first thing that tips me off are the red Starbucks cups. When these appear on the scene, it’s time to get into the holiday spirit 🙂

  69. When I see the local tree lots start stringing their lights and setting up, then I know, it is time to start getting excited! Love this season and all that it holds 🙂

  70. Christmas music on the radio. And watching the Macy’s parade on Thanksgiving day.

  71. The early signs if Christmas for me are putting up lights and watching Christmas movies on Netflix.

  72. The early signs of Christmas for me is when the grocery stores start displaying all the holiday baking items and I start itching to do some Christmas baking

  73. I LOVE the holidays. It starts with the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and the Christmas music. I start listening Nov. 1 🙂

  74. SNOW… it is a real Xmas sign

  75. The first signs of Christmas are the local parades and the annual tree lighting ceremony downtown.

  76. Janet Kemper

    An early sign of Christmas is all the catalogs coming in the mail. Just last night, my husband asked why so many catalogs are being sent, I was like “Christmas is coming!”

  77. The earliest signs of Christmas are unfortunately the decorations in the stores, but for me the cool November weather and the desire for a steaming cup of Hot Cocoa get me in the Christmas spirit.

  78. The early signs of christmas around here are in the department stores, all of them are flooded with christmas ornaments as soon as the witches are down, but the early signs I loooove is the season drinks of Starbucks, I looove the toffee nut latte, and the christmas cups and paper bags, -sigh- it smells like christmas

  79. silvia haynes

    Early signs of Christmas are Christmas songs on the radio 🙂

  80. Early signs of Christmas, the TV commercials, the store displays, and the newspaper ads, which my son is now more ready than we are!

  81. Debra Williams

    Early signs of Christmas are all the December album and memorykeeping blogs and email….which until this one it have been able to ignore. seriously thinking about it.

  82. For me it’s seeing the Christmas adverts on TV, especially the ‘Coca Cola’ one. And here in the UK John Lewis always has a goodie too 🙂 I think it was last weekend it all happened, and yes that was it for me. It was Christmas 🙂

  83. An early sign for me that it is ‘that time of year’ is when Strictly returns to our TV. Some one goes out each week until it finishes in Christmas week…

  84. The early sign of Christmas in our house is the arrival of the toy catalogs in October. That is when my kiddos love to start making their Christmas lists for Santa!

  85. The day after Thanksgiving, we drag out all the Christmas decorations and transform the house from fall to winter. 😉

  86. lawyerlyn

    hearing Christmas carols on the radio

  87. As a kid we always watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade, knowing we would get a glimps of Santa Claus. The excitement of that moment Santa made his appearance, still resides in me.

  88. We take my son to Toys R Us to make his Christmas/birthday wish list in November. This is the first Christmas related thing we do every year.

    • Suzy Gray

      Putting up the tree on Black Friday. I’m so not a shopper who fights crowds

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