You In Front Of The Camera | Beautiful Self Portraits From the CY365 Community

“Selfies” may be trendy today, but getting in front of your camera in a thoughtful, artistic way is timeless. The duck face photos people make will be lost to phone upgrades and hard drive purges. You and those you love will treasure the photos of YOU, being you. The CY365 Community is filled with beautiful, thoughtful, funny, and fabulous self portraits. Let them inspire you as you step in front of your lens. Click each image to view it in the CY365 Gallery.


Your Hands

I love photos that include a part of you doing what you love. You don’t have to show your entire self or fill the frame with your face. The details of who you are, what you love, and how you live your life can shine in photos of just your hands.


CaptureYour365 - Rhonda Huvane

Rhonda Huvane | In My Hands


HeatherB | Self Portrait Imperfect 


Go For The Whimsical View

Your self portraits don’t need to be serious or stuffy. Put your personality into them with a bit of whimsy. Try fun angles or goofy poses. Show us who YOU are!

Activity By Zachary Locks CY365

Zachary Locks | Activity


Connie Hanks | Old School


Try A Low Key Approach

With one light source you can create a gorgeous low key image. A lamp or off camera flash can be used to illuminate just a part of your gorgeous self. This is a forgiving approach for your first attempts at self portraiture.


Seflie in the Dark by Vicky Gina CY365VickyGina | Selfie (In The Dark)

In The Dark By PenNYPierce83 CY365

PenNYPierce83 | In The Dark By


Capture A Behind The Scenes View

Don’t be afraid to step back and grab a bigger picture. A beautiful environmental approach show the context of who you are and conveys a pleasant mood. I’d love to see this approach with a mom surrounded by the clutter of a living room after kids have destroyed it!

Self Portrait by Team Hendrix CY365

Team Hendrix | Self Portrait


 Look Right Into The Lens

For a beautiful image your family will cherish, look right into the lens.

Step Outside By Tracey G CY365

 Tracey Gehrig | Step Outside


 For even more on creating self portraits, try these:

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  1. Tracey Gehring

    Oh my gosh, I’m with Rhonda, thank you for including me! I loved ever one of these shots and was surprised to see mine!

  2. Thanks for choosing my photograph, Katrina!

  3. Thanks for including me!!! That’s awesome!!

  4. These are great! Thanks!

  5. These photos are gorgeous! I love these tips for selfies for grown ups!

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