What To Do With Your Photos of the Day?

I love seeing my pictures of the day all together, whether it’s the single photo a page Shutterfly book I made in 2008, or the weekly scrapbook pages from 2009, or the little something different I’m still working on for 2010. Group them and you begin to see Your life. Captured. Daily. (okay, that’s a blatant lift of the SacBee’s slogan, which I LOVE!) Seeing them together as the year progresses is also great motivation for keeping the project going!
I used Big Huge Labs to make my collage. Ali Edwards’ Grid No. 1 Layered Template might be another fun way to bring them together. There are also many great 365 templates to choose from at DesignerDigitals. You can still download my free tutorial, Give it Your Best Shot: Capturing A Photo a Day that includes a few more ideas.

How are you planning on viewing your photos? Link me to your creative ideas!


  1. Beautiful book Katrina! Wow… it's just breathtaking.

  2. So funny..I'm using Ali's grid#1..easy peasy DONE!
    I really must upload to the gallery soon!

  3. Anonymous

    I love that silly little guy

  4. I love the idea of making a collage of the photos…. thanks for the tips!

  5. I discovered the easy drop in pages at shutterfly and will probably go with that. Upload each month and make the pages as I go. Then pullout a few full bleed for the fill in pages.

  6. Well… me thinks I'll probably grid them out, too. Last year, I didn't get a book made (still on the TO DO list!) and I didn't take a pic every day, but I managed to snap 285 photos, so I was pretty proud of myself! And, this year, will probably be the same… and I VOW to get them in a book, so I'm thinkin' gridding might be the way to go! Love how yours looks that way! 🙂

  7. Of course this is what you're thinking about because it's what I'm thinking about. ;). This year will probably be a simple landscape book of enlargements with journaling.

  8. teeleedee

    Thanks For the tips Katrina 🙂

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