What Does 365 Mean To You?

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What does 365 mean to you?


  1. This is an awesome project, Thank you for creating it 🙂

  2. Jacqi B

    For me it is all of those things. I started 365 Days in October 2007 and it is now part of my life. I’ve always done the self-portrait version, although some days I have interpreted that very loosely. This year, as well as 365 days of self portraits, I am going to do 365 days of other photos.
    This is such an awesome site and I’ve only just started to look around it.

    • Thanks Jacqi! LOVE that you love site. I’m completely impressed that you’ve been doing 365 with self-portraits. That takes BIG dedication. Do you post your photos anywhere? I’d love to see what you’ve created.


  3. I think my Project 365 has been ALL those things at one time or another. 😀 I started at the beginning of 2009 and found you sometime last summer, I think. Thank you for the daily prompts, though I wish I were better able to remember them in the busy-ness of life. I am doing very well with taking pictures every day; just not following prompts. I do save them in a folder in my mail reader though. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Very cool! Inspiring. I love the gentle little reminders that this project is mine and that any way I do it is just right…not just in this video, but all along the way.

  5. Goosebumps. This is AMAZING! You are so inspirational. Thank you.

  6. Moira

    Watched the Perhaps video as I watched baby grandson sleeping beside me on the sofa. There are so many things going on today that I wish I could catch on film. Husband taking down our old shed of 25 years. Our cats dozing on windowsill and bed. Seedlings that have become flowers almost overnight. Yet I sit here with the wee one, missing those opportunities? No, I have all I need beside me. Matthew contentedly asleep. Makes for beautiful photo. Thanks for the inspiration. x

  7. Wow. Tinglies went down my spine as I listened! Definitely gave me some oomph to get back on my 365! Looking forward to perusing your site–love it!

  8. This video is AMAZING, Katrina!! Once again, congrats on this site, it really inspires lots of people. Thank you.

  9. This is amazing and beautiful. Do you have this written out somewhere? I’d love to have a copy of what you read. It is simply amazing.

  10. Robbin

    Katrina, you are an inspiration. Congratulations. I am so happy to be here.

  11. Christina

    This is fantastic Katrina !

  12. Bravo! Katrina.

  13. Love your pictures! Especially that reflection in the wine glass and the toilet paper mummy! 🙂 Made me smile! Thanks!

  14. Excited for this! I’m not currently doing 365, however have in the past, and am looking forward to doing it again!

  15. How exciting- found you on The Daily Digi!

  16. WOW!! This is awesome Katrina!!

  17. Wow, Just found you via Ali Edwards tweet. So happy to see this happening. This year my approach is very different than last year. I am joining all of my different photo ideas for the year into my 365 album. Thanks for this site.

  18. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  19. You so ROCK Miss K!

  20. Looking forward to getting some inspiration and meeting new people.
    Great idea!

  21. Jill Hogan

    How cool Katrina! What a perfect idea for a new blog. I can’t wait to see what amazing things you have in store for us!

  22. Mollie

    This is going to be very exciting, Katrina!!!
    Can’t wait to see where you take us. 🙂

  23. So happy to be here! Congrats, Katrina.

  24. Excited to see this launched!!! Love the entire concept & looking forward to seeing where it goes… thanks for letting me be a part of it! 🙂

  25. Oh Katrina, this is awesome!

  26. Katrina! This is so cool! I had no idea that you had this up your sleeve! I can’t wait to join the journey. This should be fun.


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