What Do You LOVE About Photos | Friday Gallery Inspiration

Friday! I love rounding up my favorites each week to share with you. As always the gallery is packed with your talent! You can find potatoes and flowers and dogs and smiles and so much more.

Here are a few of my favorites from the week. I find I love photos for their quirkiness, composition, and beauty. I love the feelings they produce and the thoughts they trigger. So many things coming together to draw my eye in to the story.

Zalaine is always up to a little something. You MUST SEE her series of Laundromat shots. Brilliant.

a new love...

Violet Film’s beauty and variety knows no bounds. LOVE the perpective of her photo and that luscious blue sky. It is filled with intrigue as well. Just what are they looking at?


I think I’m giving Susie a permanent spot in the Friday post, especially with her interpretations of the daily prompts! She takes spectacular photos. Who could resist this one? The framing? Superb. The angle? Brilliant. The focus? Wow!




Ok. I had to include it. We all go there. Yes. Even with our camera. I love the line and repetition and the fact someone, someday will look at Kathleen’s photo and say, “what are those?”

4.3.11 – I giggled!

On a more serious note, I love Deirdre’s photo of her daughter. The thoughtful look, the framing. It is filled with emotion.


Janine’s photo was inspired by  A Lego A Day?  Love her creative take! Proof that we can create our 365 photos on those days nothing else appeals to us!


POTD 04-13-11

So what is it about your favorite photos from the gallery that you love?


  1. Love looking through your favorites each Friday 😀

  2. Thank you Miss K! This is what happens when you don’t have an adorable kid, you have to make your own magic!

  3. These are all wonderful choices. Loved the toilet paper. 🙂

  4. Deirdre

    Thanks so much! I feel like I’m in such wonderful company & I love, love, love the website and all the inspiration it brings me. Have a great weekend everybody.


  5. ChrisMcCormick

    Congratulations, ladies – wonderful shots! What I love about these and other favorites from the gallery is the uniqueness. I love seeing what everyone chooses to photograph and how they interpret the prompts (which are great, Katrina, thank you). So much talent and creativity in the gallery reflected in this week’s highlights!

  6. Thank you Katrina. I love looking through the gallery here. There are so many wonderful photographers here and I love glimpsing into their lives.

    Your prompts are appreciated, too, because they do get me thinking.


  7. Katrina, thanks for the shout out!

    Without your “cheerful” prompt, I would have never thought to take this photo. I did feel a bit awkward and wondered what someone would think if she wandered into the bathroom and heard my shutter clicking away!

    Love all the inspiration on the site – I appreciate each and every ladies’ contribution.


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