Three Ways To Select Your Photo of the Day

Do you have days you very deliberately take your photo of the day, leaving no doubt about your choice? Me too. But there are the other days. The days I have no idea which photo to choose. Days I don’t set out intentionally to create a photo or capture a moment. The days life occurs and I snap accordingly.

I’ll admit, I often avoid choosing my photo, hoping space and time will ease the process. It typically doesn’t. In fact, space and time create more difficulty.

March 9th, is one of those days. I’ve let it sit for a week. I’ve let it simmer. I’ve repeatedly returned to its folder, hoping to see something I didn’t before. It only become harder. I wish I had taken Myra’s advice and been more deliberate in selecting.

So I’m left with three choices.

  1. Pick the technically best photo. The one with exposure and composition shining above the rest.
  2. Select for the story. Which is the moment, the memory, I want to recall when I’m no longer able to remember without a prompt?
  3. Ask a friend. Let someone else do the work. My boys are often placed in this role. Tonight, however, they are sleeping.

So. I’ll ask you. Which would you select? I’ll give you background for each.


Candidate #1 – Ian in the Garden with the Ladies

Ian arrived home from school with a wind up bunny. It accompanied him into the garden to let the the chickens out. And because they do not have discriminating taste, the chickens wanted to eat it. He thought it was hysterical and wanted to show me exactly what happened. His little hunched shoulders crack me up.

Candidate #2 – Family Dinner

The photo prompt for March 9th was “the most important thing you do today.” I’d thought about it all day. Time with my boys, gathered round the dinner table is so important to me. I knew the angle I wanted to take this, had thought about settings. The execution isn’t quite how I imagined  it. I hadn’t considered the unflattering angle of my husband ‘s and my face with a wide angle lens  placed on the table. I love Ian’s expression though. He’s the master of faces and peering into the lens.

Candidate #4 – The Evolution of a 5 Year Old’s Art

Just before bedtime Ian showed me his latest drawing. He was so proud of himself. His name in clear, concise letters and a drawing of his bunny. I was a proud momma viewing his first non-stick person art. A real body and ears. In this single drawing, I can see his little brain has developed  tremendously in a very short time.

So there you have it. Three candidates. Which would you chose and why? Thanks for helping me out.


  1. ViolasViews

    Definitely #1! I can just see the story in my mind and that pose with his shoulders up is just priceless! Adorable kids and moments frozen in time, win with me every time…. love it!!!

  2. Shutterbug Sage

    I would go with #1 because of the “realness” of the moment. The others are great, but #1 stood out as an extra special moment to capture and remember.

  3. I’m a little late to commenting on this thread, but I’m curious. Which one did you pick? 🙂

  4. I’d pick #3. That’s an amazing first. I can’t wait for my little boy to write his name for the first time.

  5. I’d choose number #3 aswell, although #1.. so special.
    I guess number 1 and 2 will happen at another moment again but the drawing won’t.

  6. I would choose #3 because you can always recreate #2 and Ian will be in the garden again. #3 is one of those it only happens that way one time kid of a thing. I’m sure it will happen with other stuff but I’m a sappy sentimental kind of gal. That name and that drawing will never happen the same way again. 🙂

  7. Sherry G

    I vote for #3 because it will never happen just like that again. The other 2 could be any time.

  8. I’m torn between #1 and #3. #2 you can always reshoot. #1 is one of those moments you can’t duplicate. #3 reminds me of one of my photos – a whiteboard drawing of a camel – by my daughter. But, I think in the end I’d go for #1. Hang on to #3 and repurpose it – maybe a photo book of Ian’s artwork for the year.

  9. Deirdre

    #1 definitely. You can see and feel his excitement and happiness. It also says spring to me with the bunny & the chickens. I really feel the mood with this one, so that’s why I’d pick it. Love them all though, which brings me to the question…what do you do with the ones that don’t get chosen?

  10. To me, #1 is the winner. It speaks genuine, unbridled happiness; I also like #2 but Ian seems disconnected there.
    Do you really have to choose just one? :-))

  11. I vote for #3! Having 2 little boys myself, I am big on capturing any and all ‘firsts’. The story also captures the memory of picture #1. You will look back at his drawing and remember that bunny with the chickens!

  12. I like #3 but there’s something special about #1. It’s such an unposed, natural reaction. I would have to choose #1.

  13. I like #1 best. I just love they way you’ve captured Ian’s reaction to the chickens’ interaction with the wind up bunny.

  14. Wow, hard choices! One thing I usually do is try to figure out which photo I would be the most UNlikely to scrap on a page–for example, if it’s the only photo I have of that event. This tells me it really makes sense to get that story told and is a great candidate for my photo of the day. (I must say that doing an iPhone-only project this year has really helped reduce these decisions!) Anyway, that said, I vote for #1…I love the “mini story” contained here. I could see #2 going on a page about family time and #3 going in a school or art book. 🙂

  15. Kelly Buss

    I vote for #3. You can’t really recreate this… but he can play with the chickens everyday and you can keep working at that dinner shot til you are satisfied with it.

  16. I choose #3, as a mom whose babies are in their 20s that makes me totally weepy. I wish I had taken photos like that when they were little. I love #1 too but that last one just makes me melt.

  17. I say #3 also. It tells more than 1 story for that day, and I think it also fits in with the prompt for the day. I love all 3 photos thought. I can see why you are having such a hard time.

  18. We are going to be no help here! I’d go for #3. That’s a huge milestone for a child. Re-take the dinner photo another day. You may get one that flatters your husband a bit more. It is a cool angle. I’m adding it to my list to try. Did you put the camera flat on the table?

  19. #1 for sure!!! The other two seem easier to duplicate another time if you want to re-visit those concepts, but I just love the “laughter” I see and feel when I look at that first image. It’s so sweet and pure and wonderful to see the things that our children find so amusing.

  20. #2 is the most interesting one of the bunch. Love the composition, the angle, and Ian’s expression. You all will look back on it and say, remember that blue pot? And that photo wall? And those silly glasses I wore? (Not that they are silly now – I always crack up at my parents’ glasses in childhood pics.)


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