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CY365 Podcast Episode 13



In episode #13 Katrina and Kelly, along with guest Chris Churchill, discuss using your smartphone and Instagram to capture your daily life.


The Panelists

Katrina Kennedy – CY365 Founder

Kelly Buss – CY365 Creative Manager

Chris Churchill – Phone Photographer, Instagrammer from Kansas City | @churchill_chris


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Notes From The Show




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As Seen In The Gallery

Katrina’s Pic | 24 May 2014 by kkbyrns

Kelly’s Pic | Up North by Valerie


What’s In My Bag

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Kelly | Touch Retouch App  |  iOs  |  Android

Chris  | Joby Gorilla Pod

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  1. One of my favorite phone photos is one I took of a pretty pink dessert in a Martini glass from a meal at the bar in the Montreal Ritz. I take a lot of those “food porn” photos with my camera. It brings back such a flood of happy memories of good meals and/or fun times with family and friends. Great to revisit those moments!

  2. Peggy Pryor

    I just downloaded Distressed FX and I love the look it gives some of my pictures. My favorite photo is one that I took after we bailed hay. I was standing on the ground looking up at the bales stacked on the hay wagon and the boys standing on top of the bales. I used one of the distressed FX filters and I just love how it came out.

  3. Cheryl

    My favorite phone photo is of my hubby and our granddaughter. We are beyond blessed to have her in our lives. #Thankful

  4. I have a photo of gears on the inside of the Eiffel Tower. I took lots of Paris photos with the big girl camera, but the ones taken with my iPhone ended up being my favorites.

  5. Michelle

    I love the picture of my baby (16 months old) laying next to me pretending to sleep. We are playing his favorite game- “Night-night.” “Morning!”

  6. Michelle

    My favorite app is O Baby- similar to over or Rhonna designs, it allows you to add text and graphics to your photos- baby themed, of course.

  7. Karolyn

    I have two beautiful playful children. I love when I am strolling through my iphone photos and find-‘photo treasures’ See my kids are alway photographying something. Their toys, screenshots of games, 20 selfies in a row. It allows me to see the world through their lens!!

  8. My favorite phone photo so far is a shot inside Joe Louis Arena during a hockey playoff game where the lights were dimmed and everyone in the stands had red glow-wands.

  9. KarenP (kphike)

    my favorite phone photo is one I captured of the beautiful red barn and angus cattle grazing on the hills in my home town….I just happened to be driving by at the golden hour and I pulled over to snap the pic….I’m so glad I did!

  10. Connie Hanks

    As for my favorite phone photo, it’s extremely hard to pick one, and since it’s my birthday today, I hope you’ll indulge me in describing two photos – both are “famfies” aka family-selfies, as Izzy Video (Hyman) has coined! One is a shot of the four of us walking hand-in-hand, but the shot is of our shadows, with a bit of red curb adding a bit of color (gotta photograph red when we see it!); and the other is a shot of the four of us at the bowling alley – but it’s just our legs and shoes with the bowling lanes behind us. Thanks for making me think about this and scroll through my shots – good times 🙂 And thanks for the opportunity to win a spot – I’d love to win it to get that push to use my iPhone camera lots more!

  11. Connie Hanks

    My favorite app is Rhonna Designs (bonus question!) – awesome text, doodles, word art and designs to add to my iPhone photos 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win a seat in your upcoming, amazing sounding class!

  12. I used a sketch effect from Camera 360 and took a photo of my grandson through a climbing “wall” at the playground. He had his mouth open with a big smile and it looked pretty interesting. That is my newest favorite. It changes all the time!

  13. Debbie D

    Bocce ball scoreboard marked with wine corks and our wine glasses in front, and me winning, Of Course!

  14. Andi Blumenau

    My favorite phone photo is of my two sons swapping tastes of their milkshakes. Each one is holding his own shake out while leaning in to sample his brother’s. The juxtaposition of their heads plus the camaraderie always makes me smile.

  15. Larraine

    My favorite mobile photo is one I took of a wood piling with rope around it on a dock. I focused in on the piling and used an app to soften the background even more. It’s a very cool shot.

  16. Roxane F

    My favorite phone app besides Instagram, is photo frame on my android phone. I actually used it to a collage of my husband and the golden puppy.

  17. Roxane F

    My favorite recent photo is of my husband holding a golden puppy at our local pet store.

  18. Edie Neudorf

    I have almost 4000 photos on my phone since last fall (Wow! I know) and I just couldn’t choose a favourite. But if I has to choose, I would narrow it down to ones where my family are mindless of my camera, and laughing freely with each other.

  19. It’s so difficult to pic a single favorite phone photo. But, of all the thousands I have, I’d say my two favorite subjects for phone photos are The Girl when she sleeps in funny positions, and my annual Elf on the Shelf pics. Last December, I cracked myself up with the Wrecking Ball Elf.

  20. Judy Christopher

    My favorite picture is one of my husband and me at my granddaughters band concert.

  21. Tracey Gehring

    I have way too many photos on my phone, but my favorite phone photo is of Harry walking on the edge of the beach by the waves and the wind and the clouds all combined for one I really like, it was my 6/8/13 POTD I liked it that much 🙂 And of course edited with one of my favorite photography apps (which I bet I have more than I can count or keep on my phone), Photo Toaster 🙂 Oh gosh, I just remembered one of the beach – at eye level that I’d taken with my phone that I love too! 😀

  22. I have a lot of photos on my phone that I love because they are random, special, non-invasive moments caputred. I think currently, my favorite is the one of my 15-year old son walking my 9-year old daughter to the bus stop on the last day of school. So much love conveyed thru the picture!

  23. C.Robin

    I have a picture from Emerald Bay that I love

  24. BettyLou

    One? Probably my POTD from today….

  25. I have a picture of my kids and my shadows on the sidewalk that I love!!

  26. Jodie Banks

    I just got back from a dream vacation to Europe and my favorite phone photo has to be one of my husband and I at the Eiffel Tower.

  27. carol ann

    My husband cut out an image of one of those Serta sheep from a box we had. (He knows I love those sheep!) He put it on a ladder we have hanging in the garage, right next to the driver’s door of my car. Every time I come and go, I see it and it makes me smile. I shot it with my phone and the garage door up. It had amazing light! My all time favorite photo with my phone.

  28. Jaime Rose

    My current favourite phone photo was taken recently using Hipstamatic (which is my favourite phone photo app!). It shows my two daughters, aged 5 and 8 months, sitting playing together in our new garden – the first time they’ve played together independently and hopefully the start of a lifelong friendship for them both.

  29. Sharolyn

    A year and a half ago, both my parents ended up in the hospital for different reasons. They were in separate rooms, across from each other, and spent most of their waking hours together side-by-side in their chairs, holding hands. I snapped a picture of their hands one morning, it really tells a story, and will always be a favorite. My father, sadly passed away soon after that photo was taken~

  30. My favorite phone picture right now is one of my brand new grandson!

  31. Back for another entry! Besides Instagram, one of my favourite photo apps is Afterlight. I like its simple interface for editing and the option of saving an image in various sizes.

  32. HM2012

    My current favorite phone photo is the quick photo I took waiting for the current to go up on my first Broadway show!

  33. Aubree Larsen

    My favorite editing app is Photoshop Express and my favorite designing app is Rhonna Designs. Excited to get another podcast again so soon! Thanks!!

  34. Carolyn

    I have many but pictures of my Bichon always make me smile.

  35. Briony

    My favorite photo is a candid shot I got of my husband, at the breakfast table, looking through his MTG cards. He didn’t notice me, and while the room is a mess, it is a perfect capture of what our lives were like at that moment.
    My favorite app is Collect.

  36. This was my first time listening to your podcast and I really enjoyed it! I’ll be going back to catch the 12 I missed for sure. Since I’ve only taken 12 photos EVER with my phone, I don’t know that I’m ready to pick a favorite. None of them came out very well and I’m still struggling with why to use to my phone to take pictures I can get such better photos from the point-and-shoot that I carry everywhere!

  37. Katrina, I’m thrilled that you picked my photo! Thank you! To get that picture, I was holding the phone pretty close to the windshield with my forearms resting on the dash. I had taken a few test shots earlier to see what worked, and then took a burst of 3 or 4 shots as we approached the town/grain elevator. My husband was driving, of course! Editing helped pop the colours and eliminate a bit of haze from the windshield. I think I cleaned out a couple bug spots, too. 🙂

    I can’t wait for the PPP2! One of my favourite phone photos is of my husband and me on our 14th anniversary, last June. We took the picture outside when we got home from delivering papers – as we were; no special clothes or hair. 🙂 I converted the picture to black and white.

  38. Laura Campbell

    My favorite photo is almost always the last one I’ve taken of my grandson. 🙂 #grammielove

  39. Sharon

    My favourite phone photo is of my granddaughter blowing bubbles. She was so into the moment.

  40. I like taking pictures of things that make me smile. One of my favorites was a set up at the local nursery of three rabbits. Some would say it was slightly off color or you could tell the child that you were with that the rabbits were playing leap frog, either way, it struck me funny and I took the picture to share with friends. I know it was just a bored customer having fun with the garden creatures, or maybe a reluctant spouse?

  41. Susan B

    My favorite phone photo is one I took on Cape Cod last summer, two beach balls floating on the water at sunrise, it’s AWESOME!
    Thank you, Susan

  42. ajordan

    There are alot of favorites on my phone I’m not sure I could even pick an absolute favorite!! I do love the photos of our daughter doing her “warrior princess” pose followed up by our sweet little shih tzu!!

  43. Mary R

    a random capture of Madison, who after having an awful day finally fell asleep. She looked so peaceful and it was hiding the rage she had built up all day. So thankful for my phone and that I am able to capture these everyday images.

  44. I have thousands of photos on my phone, so I really can’t pick one as a favorite. In fact, they are all my favorite because I wouldn’t have them otherwise. Having my phone with me all the time makes it so easy to capture those everyday moments I want to remember.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

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