The Week In The Life Treasure I Found On My Hard Drive

Do you ever go thumbing through the items on your hard drive and discover EXACTLY what you weren’t looking for?

Yep. Me too.

Last month while looking for some boring document for work, I discovered a folder named WeekInTheLife. When I opened it I discovered a hidden gem of six scrapbook pages. Six pages I’d completely forgotten about it.




I’m accustomed to finding tidbits of psd files that I’ve started with photos and maybe a few words, but discovering complete pages is rare.


In fact, it’s rare that I start or finish any scrapbooking lately. Sad, I know.




I love the stories they each tell. I love that the photos are big and include just enough detail to remind me of the moment.




These were my photos of the day, but they were also part of Ali Edwards’  Week In The Life Project. I LOVE this project.



I’ve been taking a photo a day since 2008, but there is just something about documenting seven days of our life that makes my heart sing. I love mindfully looking for moments. I love taking the time to put the photos together with words. I love a reason to buy products from the talented Ali Edwards.





I’m not always great about finishing this project, but I always start it. My first project in 2008 was a Shutterfly book with Ali’s products.  In 2012 I made a simple Blurb book.  I need to dig around a little more to find evidence of other years’ projects.

And yes, I’m jumping in for 2015’s Week In The Life Project too. It will be a combination of iPhone 6 and dSRL photos.

As for 2013, I think it needs a few more pages added and a trip to Persnickety Prints.





Last year Kelly and I recorded a podcast with Ali all about Week in the Life  and including story in our photos.

I’d love to have you join me for Week In The Life this year. Maybe this time I won’t lose my completed pages on my hard drive!



  1. Rhadonda

    What a great find!!!! I’d say print what you have and that will be totally inspirational to continue and complete. You are not alone in that struggle!

  2. Britanee

    I’m still debating on if I should do WITL this time! It’s a crazy week with school starting again but I think it’d be a fun week to capture everything. What to do…

  3. What a great discovery!

    I’m in for this year too. In fact I’ve been capturing the days and written down a few words for WITL each year (several years back), but I have yet to finish it all up. This year maybe? 🙂 Wishing us luck!

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