The Very Basics

Katrina’s 6-week, self paced online course to learn photography basics. Purchase here.

Do you want to know what the buttons and modes are for so you can take better photos? Would you like to be confident in how you’re organizing and storing your photos? Have you wondered about the best ways to share your photos through email and online sharing sites?

Have you wondered:

  • if you have a good lens,
  • which setting to use for a particular situation,
  • when to use a flash,
  • how to position your subjects in relationship to the light,
  • how others take such great photos, and
  • why yours are always dark and blurry?
  • Find out the answers and how to remedy these problems so that you take better pictures with your camera.

The Very Basics is a six-lesson journey to taking better photos—with any camera.

Written and video lessons accompanied by a private class forum teach you:

  • what all the buttons and knobs do
  • how to move your photos from camera to computer
  • why you don’t need any more lenses right now–and what to buy when that time does come
  • how to use your camera’s modes
  • how to get the best light, get rid of blurry photos, and when to avoid using flash
  • 6 tricks for composing better photos
  • common composition mistakes and how to avoid them
  • how to store and edit your photos
  • how to share your photos on Facebook, Flickr, Shutterfly and many other sharing sites



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