The Light Will Go On! | CY365 Podcast #12


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CY365 Podcast Episode12-The Light Will Go On



In episode #12 Katrina and I, along with guest Chari Pack, discuss  choosing photos for printing and steps for getting a good quality print.


The Panelists

Katrina Kennedy – CY365 Founder

Kelly Buss – CY365 Creative Manager

Chari Pack – Owner of Persnickety Prints | Blog | Instagram


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Practice | A Year of Intentional Photography

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Notes From The Show

Insta Poster

Heat Press Mounting

The Print Process

Aspect Ratio

The Phone Photography Project 2 Class

Going Places Travel Mini Album Class


As Seen In The Gallery

Katrina’s Pic |  Hope from Sadie’s Kid

Kelly’s Pic | One Blossom by DenaMusantry365

Chari’s Pic | Look Into the Eye by Winnie Fast


What’s In My Bag

Kelly | Joby Gorilla Pod

Katrina | Light

Chari | Pro HDR App  iPhone | Android


Photo Frame by PaisleePress available at TheLilyPad


What were your printing lightbulb moments?  Have questions for Chari?  Let us know in the comments below.


  1. The sound was so much better! I listen to the podcasts on long drives and it was nice to have consistent volume.
    Great podcast, I learned a lot, especially about leaving a comment when sending a print order and sending in a test print to check the color calibration of my monitor. And aspect ratio which I now check in light too. With the crop overlay and will consider it now when taking pictures.

    • Kelly Buss

      Thanks Janice! Glad to know you could definitely hear the improvement! Have fun get some prints made!

    • Thanks so much Janice! So glad you enjoyed the podcast and could hear the difference! I’m loving the new equipment!

  2. The sound was great, as was the content (per usual). Great job ladies!

  3. Great Podcast! Feel free to ask questions here and I’ll answer as soon as possible!

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