The Importance of Perspective

I’ve been loving creating this week for Layout A Day.  I finally did something with one of my favorite photos, but first, let me share the photo’s evolution.

Ian and I have made a ritual of going to The Train Museum followed by a trip to “our” candy store. The nice one. The one that gives him two rolls of smarties at no charge or validates our parking for a small candy purchase. He loves to sit and eat his candies, one by one, saving the second roll for our trip home.

On this particular wet, February afternoon, he’d decided to carry his blanket in his backpack, you know, just in case he needed it. There is just something about a boy and his backpack. I snapped several photos as he intently ate each candy.

The first photo, just didn’t capture what I wanted. He wasn’t very pleased with it either, as his candy went rolling out of his hand.

The next photo, I changed my perspective, but faulted on the “from where I’m standing without moving my body” angle. It’s rarely a compelling angle after the button has been pushed.

So I moved in closer, always a good rule of thumb. I wanted the candy sign, but really didn’t want the Raiders jacket in the background.

I changed from portrait to landscape to create more space for the eye to travel, but still that silly jacket.
And then I found it. Moving in closer and to the side just a bit, I was able to block the view of the jacket. Cutting off a bit of the bottom of the photo, I could fit in the candy sign. Sometimes it pays to keep shooting until the perspective is right.
Credits at DesignerDigitals


  1. Newbie to your site, thanks for the posting…. Lol also new to photography so I defiantly learned something from this posting. I’ll give this a try and see if I can’t improve, from this I learned that you need to slow down and take your time setting up the shot. I tend to snap, snap, snap and review later which usually results in 🙁

  2. carol ann

    Sure wish my “little guy” was little again. I missed all those types of shots and now he’s almost 23 and still uncooperative in front of my camera. 🙁 I’m thinking zoom lens and “Crouching Momma, Hidden Camera.” He leaves me no other choice.

  3. Rhonda H.

    Awesome tips!

  4. Love the examples! I realize this over and over. Thanks for the great post!

  5. Really illustrates the points so well. Love seeing how you arrived at the final shot!

  6. Awesome examples…Now if I can just keep these wonderful tips of yours from seeping out my brain each time I pick up my camera (+:

  7. Fabulous lesson, Katrina! Thank you for the reminder! Happy Wednesday!

  8. Laura T.

    Love this … thanks for sharing your tips with us. I enjoyed your interview with Lain this week. I learned so much from you … and am not receiving your "feed" so I can continue to be inspired.

  9. esther_a

    Ooh! I see the difference! Thanks so much for sharing this. It is a revelation!

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