The 2013 Favorite Photos From The CY365 Community

Picking favorite photos for 2013 was no easy task. The CY365 Community was FILLED with inspiring, beautiful,  funny, touching, and breathtaking photos. From daily details to amazing self portraits, there was no shortage of inspiration.

Several brave members from the community sorted through a year’s worth of photos to select their favorites. They did not disappoint! You can click through each photo to see the photo in the CY365 Gallery, leave comments for the photographer, and see more of their work.

Have favorites you’d like to share? Link them in the comments below!


Heather K’s Favorites

I really felt the excitement we all once did as children on Christmas morning in Pam’s photo!!



I just LOVE everything about any and all of Jeannie’s food shots! Yum!


Jean G’s Favorites

I love this because of the emotion in the Mom’s face of the pure love of her daughter. By Stuart Cox.



I love this because of the playfulness and special connection you feel that they all have with one another. By  mamaz042421.



Melinda S’s Favorites

I wish I could choose more than two, as there were so many great ones!
I’m a stickler for macro shots and love snowflakes and snow. Loved this picture because of it. 🙂 By Jeannie Thiessen.




Offsetting one area of color is one of my favorite techniques in PS. I love how Kris’s photos are so personal and really show her love for her husband. Everyone of her pictures depict him or her, and it’s just true love that I see. I loved how unique this photo was.


Tracey G’s Favorites

There are too many to choose from, but these are two that had lodged themselves in my brain.
Pam Scott’s selfie – it’s just an image that stayed with me, reflects the ‘gray days’ of being a mom….
Sadieskid’s photo was a great image on it’s own, but the personal nature and sharing level really made it stick with me.



Pamela S’s Favorites

I just love the whimsy that Jeannie ads to her self portraits. Her photography is so inspiring!


I love Penny’s creativity… this was just so fun!



Congratulations to Sadieskid! YOU are the winner of a CY365 2014 Pass to all of the classes offered at CY365!


Thank you all for sharing your talent! Do you have a favorite from the CY365 Gallery you’d like to add? Link your two favorites in the comments below!


  1. Cindy Zahorchak

    I am gushing with excitement! Does that even make sense!?! Thank you so much for picking one of my photos. What an honor! All of these photos are beautiful. I love my CY365 community. You all inspire me!

    • Julianne

      That was just one of mamaz’s beautiful pictures! I looked forward to seeing what she would come up with every day. Congrats, Cindy!

  2. Jeannie Thiessen

    I am so honored to see some of my photos here. Thank you ladies for choosing them.
    Congrats to you Faith!

  3. Peggy Pryor

    All the photos above are just great! Congratulations Faith, I really enjoy looking at your photos and reading your comments! See you in class!

  4. Jennifer Matthews

    All these photos are so deserving ! Each one has their own uniqueness. Congratulations everyone.

  5. Kristin Baker

    Congratulations Faith! You will have such fun in the classes. I look forward to seeing what you create throughout the year!

    • Faith Haynesworth

      Thanks! I am sooo excited about the classes and growing in photography.

  6. ~ Kim ~

    Beautiful images!!!!!

    And congratulations to SadiesKid!!!!

  7. Beautiful and congrats to Faith!

  8. Michele Barbera

    These are fantastic photos! Congratulations Faith!

  9. Tracey Gehring

    Woo hoo congrats Faith!!! 😀

    • Faith Haynesworth

      Thanks, Tracey, for nominating my image! I was thrilled just to see one of my images included on the page and then when I saw my name at the end, I was blown away! Totally! Thanks Katrina and cy365 community for bringing another aspect of joy, purpose and excitement to my new life as a retiree 🙂

  10. Carol Elliott

    Wonderful photos!

  11. Jennifer Matthews-Jameson

    everyone so deserving of this honour, congratulations !

    And congratulations Faith !

  12. Heather K

    Congrats Faith!

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