Seven Amazing Christmas Reflection Photos

Are you looking for a fun way to add a little extra to your December Daily photos?

Go on a hunt for a reflection. It might be yours. It might be the room. Or something else completely. The CY365 Community is filled with fun reflection of Christmas time!

Deb Moran filled a little tragedy with fun. I love how she’s composed this on the thirds and left the little pieces of glass to fill the frame. Do you notice how your eye catches the irony of the J still remaining?

Diane captured a classic camera lens in the ornament photo. I love that you can see the room around her. And that one shiny ornament is so nicely balance between the others.

Carol grabbed one of those moments that I love. I imagine her walking down her hall and discovering the amazing angle of her tree. Add a little Christmas tree bokeh. It’s such a great memory of her beautiful living room.

Christi has such talent. And with this photo she did not disappoint. I love the diagonal composition. The pop of red and that clean white background. THIS is what I love about photography.


Gabi’s reflection against the floor is a twist on the reflection theme. The lights create such a great pattern as your eye is drawn down the string of lights. There is something so serene about her photo.

Jeannie proves once again she is the master of creativity. Why have one reflection when you can have three! I love her red sweater reflected in the silver bells. I love that she dared to show her entire self, not just her face covered by the lens. This is composed beautifully and one of my Christmas favorites.

Carol got her cat in on the reflection action. What a great moment right next to the Christmas tree.


Inspired yet? Why not grab your lens and see what reflection you can find!



  1. Debi Carrubba

    Wow, they are all gorgeous. The classes are a great way for amateur photographers to learn pro technics. Thank you so much for keeping it simple and easy to follow.

  2. I found this late, but thanks for including my photo. What an honor! I love it when messing around on my desk produces a gem. I would not be where I am today without your wisdom and guidance and the wonderful feedback from the community here at 365.

  3. I love how each photo tells totally different story and how each of them has totally different approach to the theme.
    Thank you for choosing my photo, it’s always an honor for me!

  4. Jean Graham

    These are wonderful photos! So fun and different!

  5. I remember all of these photos. Love to see that mine is included. Thanks!

  6. These are so fun! I was sad that I didn’t hang any of my reflective ornaments this year but then I realized I just had to get a bit more creative. Thanks to all these talented ladies for the wonderful inspiration!

  7. Deb Moran

    Of course, the true reflection in all of these photos is of you: our teacher, mentor, and friend.

  8. Deb Moran

    What fun to check out today’s post and see my photo at the top (one of my favs, too)! Thanks for the honor of including me on your blog, and in such good company. 🙂

  9. Carol Elliott

    Wonderful shots and always a surprise and honor to see mine. Thank you!

  10. These reflection shots are amazing! Thank you for posting my photo in this post. An honor for sure. The funny thing is that I didn’t even notice all my reflections when I took that shot. I was so busy trying to get all those bells in my frame. The reflections were a nice bonus once I uploaded the shot.


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