Photographing Vacations & Getaways | CY365 Podcast Episode #28


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Notes From The Show

My Instagram Account

Kelly’s Instagram Account

Acadia National Park

Kelly’s Gear

Spider Holster

40mm Pancake Lens 

28-70mm lens

Toshiba Wireless Card

Katrina’s Gear

70-200mm lens

50mm lens

28mm lens

17-40mm lens

100mm macro lens



Heidi Swapp’s Beautiful Post  and 30 day challenge. I think we can all relate to capturing daily photos.

Jeremy Cowart

The World Domination Summit

Gallery Picks

Kelly’s pick from the gallery: Midpoint by Wendel 68

Katrina’s pick from the gallery: Off Prompt by KrystaV


Want a chance to win my copy of The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Buillebeau. Leave a comment below telling me WHERE YOU WANT TO TRAVEL or WHAT ADVENTURE YOU WANT TO TAKE PART IN.  Please leave one comment for one chance to win!

Contest will end on August 14th at 8PM Pacific Time. I’ll announce a winner here and in our Saturday email on August 15th. And yes, I’ll ship internationally!



  1. I would love to travel to Switzerland. It looks photographically amazing!

  2. So glad I was able to catch up on podcasts today!

    I love traveling and my dream list is nearly endless, but Paris and Hawaii top it right now because I’d like to take my 3 girls before they’re adults.

    Also, I have to comment on the 40mm pancake lens and the Eye-Fi card you two didn’t use… I have both of these and they (almost) never leave my camera! The 40 mm is so versatile (and I’m lazy) and the Eye-Fi card is the key to my work flow – DSLR photos go to my phone immediately, wherever I am, and then they automatically upload to iCloud and Dropbox via Carousel when I’m in Wi-Fi.

  3. Rhadonda

    Where I would love to travel? Anywhere that I don’t have to take my work with me. Mountains, beach, I don’t care, just away. If you guys need a third give me a call!! It’s hard to pick isn’t it? So many beautiful places. Loved the podcast!!

  4. I love to travel and experience new places, food, people, customs, etc. We’ve not taken a relaxing vacation in three years since we started expanding our family. I would love to return to a few of my favorite places and a few new ones with my DSLR. I would go back to Munich at Christmas, the Amalfi Coast in May, Maine in the spring, Austria, and back to my home town and childhood home. Places I’ve never been but would love to experience are Belgium, Scotland, New Zealand, Kenya, and Pacific Northwest.

  5. Machelle

    I would love to travel to Italy. We missed our vacation this year so I would pretty much like to travel anywhere.

  6. Jill Tatro

    I would love to travel so many places… I have never been out of the US. I wanted to visit all 50 states before college, but that didn’t happen. The short list is Alsaska, Hawaii, New Zealand, Italy, Japan, Ireland and Great Britian.

  7. Katie L Tenczar

    Where would I love to travel… I would love to go to New Orleans! It just seems like such a fun freeing place to visit.

  8. I have wanted to go back to the Kenya Coast crossing the ferry at Kilifi for years – spent time there as a child on a memorable holiday! I would like to repeat it as an adult! I am now retired, so have the time but not the pennies!! Thanks!

  9. Where would I love to travel: Africa-My dream would be to go on a safari after being a caretaker for many years. It would be a vacation that I haven’t had in years. So that is what my Happiness of Pursuit is. Thank you for the chance. Joan

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