October 365 Photo Challenge List

October CY365 Photo Challenge List

I love when October arrives.

I love how the light turns a more beautiful shade of gold.

I love the leaves as they land on the wet sidewalk.

I love the smell of apples baking in a pie.

I love the cooler days and wearing warmer clothes.

I love pumpkins in the garden that move into my house.

I love that Ian spends the month trying to decide his Halloween costume.

I love going to the pumpkin patch.

I love earlier evenings and rainy days.

I love trick-or-treating with Ian and counting his haul after.

I love decorating our house with bats and pumpkins.

I love all of the photo opportunities of Halloween.

I love a reason to sit at my desk and edit my photos.

I love the little bit of energy that October puts back into my 365 project.

I love seeing how you will interpret the October list.


How can you use the list? Follow three quick steps!


Download the October Challenge List to your favorite device or print it for quick reference. I post mine right next to my desk.

Subscribe to the free daily emails for a prompt reminder and tips for each day’s prompts.


Go sequential if that’s your thing or pick one that inspires you. Go out on your own if you need to. There is no wrong way to use the prompts!

And really…if you need to skip a prompt…then skip it! It’s your project. Make it your own!

This month’s repeating prompts are:

October 12 – Self Portrait

October 19 – Color, this month’s color is golden

October 26 – A Portrait of a person

Create your image with whatever camera you have! Phone, dSLR, point and shoot.


Shoot what you can. Share what you can. No pressure.  Sharing helps keep you motivated all year long.

You can:

You’ve got options!


And Then…


In the comments below, share what you love about October.



  1. Jacqueline

    I love the color. I love the frost. I love the apples.

  2. Baking…and that it is still warm enough during the day to leave the front door open.

  3. Fall Is my favorite time of year! Everything about it makes me so happy. The chill in the air, the divine smells and the sense of new beginnings.
    I recently found your site and decided to join you all! I’ve participated in a daily photo challenge for the last year and I really enjoy it. I’m excited to join your challenge for the next year, and I’ll start tomorrow. Thanks!

  4. I love everything and anything Fall/Autumn. So October is like my favorite month (:
    I also love the incoming chilly air too.. warm apple pies, pumpkin pies, hot cocoa, apple cider… lovely fall foliage.

  5. amanda kay tea

    I love everything about October!

    The leaves changing
    The cool crisp air
    No more hot sticky nights lol.

    My birthday
    And this year I am going to go see Pink on the 17th! Woohoo!!

    This October i have been doing these prompts for a year now and i have been loving every minute of it.

    Thanks for the great tips and inspiration


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