November 365 Photo Challenge List | Gratitude Month

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I need more Novembers in my life.

November CY365 Photo Challenge List

As I sat writing this I watched my 365 photos play on my television (thank you Apple TV). Photos from two years ago, three years ago, and just a few months ago appeared on the screen one after another. They each brought a smile to my face, some a laugh, and all triggered a memory.

I knew what I was most grateful for this November. Yes. I’m grateful for photography, but it’s more than that.

I’m grateful for the good days that presented color and light. I’m grateful for the laughter shared with my husband and son. I’m grateful for the times with friends and family.

I’m grateful for this moment in time. I’m grateful so many people around me are treasuring their moments as well.

I love that I can go almost anywhere and see someone with a camera in their hand (and I’m okay that so many are phones). I love that those  cameras are pointing at moments of their lives. It shows me that people care. People have value in their life. They see beauty and color and angles. And they have memories.

I love sharing that with others. I love that this matters.

In November, join me for 30 days (or 30 more days) of photographing what we are grateful for. Join me in turning our lenses toward the small details, the everyday , and the people and things we love.

I hope you enjoy our month. I hope you enjoy our prompts.

And yes, I’m so grateful for you and the CY365 community. Thank you.

(Be sure to read all the way to the end of the post to see how I’d like to show you a little gratitude.)


How can you use the list? Follow three quick steps!



Download the November Challenge List to your favorite device or print it for quick reference. I post mine right next to my desk.

Subscribe to the free daily emails for a prompt reminder and tips for each day’s prompts.


Go sequential if that’s your thing or pick one that inspires you. Go out on your own if you need to. There is no wrong way to use the prompts!

And really…if you need to skip a prompt…then skip it! It’s your project. Make it your own!

This month’s repeating prompts are:

November 9 – Self Portrait

November 16 – Color

November 23 – A Portrait of a person

Create your image with whatever camera you have! Phone, dSLR, point and shoot.


Shoot what you can. Share what you can. No pressure.  Sharing helps keep you motivated all year long.

You can:

You’ve got options!


And Then…


In the comments below, share what you are grateful for.

To show my gratitude for the support of the CY365 Community I’m giving away ONE SPOT in Your Holidays Captured Through The Lens! Share what you are grateful for in the comments below by Friday, November 1st @ 10AM PDT for a chance to win.



  1. Hi Katrina, at which date each month is next month’s list usually posted?

  2. Stephanie

    Especially lately I’m feeling thankful for music – fills me with joy! I love these prompts – so much fun.

  3. Jean Graham

    I am grateful for my husband, daughters and friends. I am grateful to my dogs, they always put a smile on my face. I have enjoyed the cy365 group immensely and have learned so much. Grateful to take a photo a day and record my life.

  4. Jennifer Matthews-Jameson

    I am grateful for learning that there is always “a light at the end of the tunnel.” Life can be challenging to us at times. I am the type of person that tries to think of the positive or the good in those situations whether it be something simple or difficult and in those situations I always tell myself that this shall pass and there is a “light at the end of the tunnel”

  5. Tiffany M.

    I am thankful for my family! Thankful that my husband is so loving and supporting and that my kids are such a wonderful gift! Thanks for the chance to win! Would love anything that will help me improve my photography!

  6. Can you please explain what a repeating prompt is? I don’t understand why they are different from the list? I have only been doing this for 2 weeks, so forgive my ignorance. 🙂

    • Hi Liesl,
      We repeat those prompts each month! So each month everyone takes a self portrait, a portrait of a person, a color photo, and a technical photo. It’s a great way to practice a technique throughout the year!

      So glad you’ve joined us and so glad you’ve asked the question!

      • Thanks Katrina. 🙂 Excuse my ignorance, but is that in addition to the regular prompt? Or do you combine e.g. a self-portrait & “challenges” on the 9th? I am loving this by the way!

  7. I am grateful for my family (especially my mom, who gives me strength), and I am grateful for CY365. I was doing a different photo a day challenge, but didn’t feel a connection. I’m so happy to have found this place, where the talent is amazing, and the people are so nice. Finishing up my first month!

  8. I’m grateful for everyday. I learn new things from my growing toddler and everyday that we’re a family is a joy and an incredible blessing.

  9. Above all I am so grateful for my family, for health and serenity.
    In the moment I’m so grateful for having joined cy365 and the chance to learn new things everyday.

  10. amanda kay tea

    I am grateful for my mom. she supports me in my photography endeavors and even volunteers when i need a model 🙂

  11. I am grateful for this 365 project. I love looking back on the photos I have taken this year and seeing all the little details that have made up our year from the good to bad to the tiniest memories of the normal everyday.

  12. I’m thankful for photography. I love how I can show others how I see the world.

  13. Grateful for so many things this year. Very grateful for good friends who have been with me for more than 10 years. And I am grateful that I will be celebrating my 10th anniversary this month.

  14. I am grateful for my daughter. She was diagnosed with a chronic illness two years ago and she makes me so proud for all the accomplishments she has still made, despite her illness. She is looking forward to attending college next year, which is something that we thought would not be possible for her. I am so grateful for her improving health!

  15. I am grateful for a quiet day at home today. And for a furnace blowing warm air since it snowed on the weekend. And I am grateful for Katrina and her inspiration with CY 365!

  16. Cynthia Corwin

    I am grateful for my husband and daughter. I am especially grateful for the close relationship I have with my teenager (in between brief bouts of teenage attitude). I am also grateful for the beautiful, colorful autumn that we are having this year.

  17. Heather Kurek

    I am grateful for where I am today. I have been through good times and bad, have learned….and learned….and learned so much in the last few years, and have gained confidence in myself to be able to do anything my heart desires. (Except sing. No about of hearts desire is gonna help that!)

  18. Laurel York

    I am so very thankful to be able to get up every morning and walk in my shoes and my life and not miss a single second with my amazing husband and 10 year old son! Seven years ago I had a close call with a lung tumor that was found “by accident” when going in for back surgery – I am forever grateful and thankful for my amazing team of doctors that were my guardian angels to keep me here to be with my family. I started doing a picture a day five years ago as a way to celebrate and be grateful for the time that I am here.

  19. Jacqueline Lofthouse

    I am grateful for “Capture Your 365”. I stumbled across this site almost a year ago on Pinterest. November 15. I was suffering from some serious depression relating to a major loss in my life. I would just come home from work and sit. 365 got me up and moving. I became excited to take the picture each day. I would often go outside in search of the best picture I could find. Even during a long stretch of extremely cold weather I got moving. I have really learned a lot. I love the fact that everyone is so kind to a beginner like me. I started out using my IPhone camera. Now I have a dslr and I am really enjoying learning to use it. I really credit this with helping to heal. Thank you!

    • That is beautiful! I only recently discovered CY365 and love it, too. This is a really nice community of photographers and life-capturers, isn’t it? I’m happy to hear you’re doing so well!

  20. Although I am grateful for all the creative opportunities I have had this year, I am most grateful for my family and friends. Without such an encouraging support system, everything else that I do would not be quite so fulfilling.

  21. I am grateful beyond measure for so many things; first and foremost is my family (my #1 focus) and friends; pretty much everything else is a blessing (home, career, transportation, sight, living in America, ocean breezes, sand in my toes, etc.).

  22. Peggy Pryor

    I’m so grateful for my friends and family. They know me better than anyone and can always provide a laugh, a memory and an ear to listen. They are my rock!

  23. I am grateful for the gift of creativity–without it I would not be who I am today!!

  24. I am grateful for my daughter, who we adopted 3 1/2 years ago. Sometimes we get our gifts in the most unexpected ways.

  25. I’m grateful that I went through a difficult period a few years ago because it makes me appreciate how much stronger I feel now and also allows me to understand other people’s behaviour better.

  26. I am grateful for my husband and family who see to my needs since I had a major opertion two years ago. Their help allows me to continue to be grateful to be alive and part of their lives!

  27. Jeannine

    I am grateful for a good ‘ol belly laugh with friends. Gosh they make me feel so good and create such fun memories!

  28. So grateful for so many things… But, mostly grateful that I can even be so. That I have been given the ability to know that I am blessed beyond measure. Gratitude makes life have meaning.

  29. I am grateful for all the joy and love I am surrounded by…things that are so easy to take for granted without intentional focus.

  30. I am grateful to be living in beautiful Colorado – a state that offers so many opportunities for great photos. I’m grateful to be living close enough to my grandkids to be able to see them grow – and to use their beautiful faces in my photos. I’m grateful for my dogs that keep me young – and teach me how to take pictures of unwilling subjects. The three most go to subjects in my pictures. But right now I’m grateful for the class I just took – which taught me that I can be in control of my pictures – and produce something that I can be proud of – something that I created.

  31. I am grateful for my husband’s encouragement of my hobbies. Sometimes he’s more excited about them than I am, which gets me back “into” them.


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