My 365 Photo Work Flow | Step 2 – Project Life® App


My life just got easier with the release of Becky Higgins’ Project Life App! I can quickly take my photos from the Collect App and move them right to a scrapbook page on my phone! AMAZING. (click the image above to see all the detail) I shared the photo card and journaling process with the Collect App and now I’m back with my steps in the Project Life ® app.



Watch the My 365 Photo Work Flow | Step 1 – CollectApp


Grab your photo idea list and join us in the fun!

Paislee Press Pictures + Words No. 10

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  1. This is genius. I’ve used the PL app as well as Collect but did not get that I could use them together. Lightbulb moment!

  2. Loved your two videos about the Collect and PL apps. I started using both immediately. I typed a title and journaling in the Collect app for each photo and then noticed that the title is printed on the front with the photo but the journaling goes on the back. I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees this as a flaw in Collect that I wish there were options for. Do you have any suggestions for using the journaling on the daily cards in the PL app?

    • Connie,
      There are several different card choices when you export. If you choose 3×4 Portrait and make sure the include card back isn’t selected. Then journaling will be included on the front of the card.

  3. LOVE – LOVE – LOVE that you are doing these videos. I have been following your daily prompts for three years now. I orginally used the 365 app, but have been using the Collect app this year. I love that I can add journaling to the picture within the app, so I have been adding the prompt to the photo each day.

    My question for you is, how are you going to display the next days of September … are you going to have another 4×6 card and then ten photos after?

    • So glad you love the videos! I’ve had fun creating them. LOVE that you’ve used the prompts for three years!

      That’s a great question that I was just working on this morning before getting out of bed! LOL. I opted to use a 12 grid page with a block of journaling in open spot. In previous months I’ve used all design F like in the video and slide an extra photo or journaling card into the 4×6 slot. I like the flexibility I can have with the digital version though, so I’m changing things up for the rest of the year.

  4. Valerie

    I love both the Collect App and the Project Life App. I used them for the first time doing a Week in a Glance project at Designer Digitals. I noticed in your first video about Collect that you can export your cards as a 4×6 either portrait or landscape in addition to the 3×4 vertical orientation that you use. Can you export just one card that way? Also, do you have a screen shot showing how they look as a 4×6?

    • You can export 1 or more photos as the 4×6 cards as well. I’ll post a screen shot (or two) in the final post I write about printing. They look really good with square photos. I don’t love them as much with smaller ones.

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