Making Space For Project 365+1

Are you thinking about starting a 366 project next year? Consider a little space planning before you get started.


How much space will you need?

Take a look at your average photo size. Multiply that by 366 and you have the minimum amount you will need available on your hard drive or, ideally, an external hard drive.

I know that my Raw images are about 25 mb. Converted to 4×6 jpegs they use about 2mb.


I can then estimate my annual total.

(RAW + JPEG)*366

(25mb + 2mb)*366 = 9,882mb or 9.82 gigabytes

Of course, I’m going to take more than one photo of the day. Events, photography walks, and special photo shoots will take more space. Some days will have just a few photos and some days will have only iPhone photos. If you shoot a lot of low light, high ISO photos, you will have larger files. On average I take about 18,361 photo per year. That is about 459 gigabytes per year.

Knowing that I need  about 500 gigabytes annually lets me judge my external hard drive space. I can calculate whether it will be enough for the year.

I have found, through past experience, it is much easier to know this now and adjust. It is no fun to try to solve it when the space is alarmingly low. I currently use a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk 3 TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive STAC3000102.

I will start my 366 project knowing I have enough space for the year!


How much space do you estimate you’ll use?


  1. Wow. That’s a lot of bytes. Love it. I’m not sure if I’m doing 366 yet, but I’m trying to document as much as I can. I took the Capture the Holidays class, Katrina. It was great in helping me hone my skills! Thanks.

  2. blissmamaof3

    My husband installed a terrabyte on our network and I’m moving the 2011 pictures there once I am finished with my 2011 Project Life. That way I only have to keep the current year on my hard drive. I’ll keep you posted if I need another. Hoping the terrabyte is sufficient. Also been using LifePics at Persnickey Prints as a back up. Lost a lot of pictures this year from spring 2011 and it was heartbreaking, learned my lesson.

  3. Katrina,
    I am not a scrapbooker just take photos for fun and family. In fact I still get my photos printed…old school all the way! But I am interested in doing a 365 or 52 project. I would love to have a basic class or lesson on how to use templates on PS or Lightroom. I try and try to simply put my photos in and fail!! VERY basic lesson/ direction would be great. Any suggestions??
    Thanks as always !!

    • blissmamaof3

      Ali Edwards has one on her site. The key for me is to remember to be in the edit side of Elements when I’m looking for a template. Good luck!


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