Lesson 1 | How To Capture The Lights of Christmastime



What better way to kick off December than with lights?!


I love the lights of Christmas.

I love creating beautiful bokeh backgrounds and fun starburst effects.

Grab your camera, download the lesson with the link below, and enjoy! For the next seven days, we are bringing you a holiday lesson each day. Each one will help you create photos you love of your holiday.

Work at your pace.

Complete every exercise or just a few.

Make these lessons work for you! Hundreds of people have followed these lessons to create beautiful images of their holidays.

If you post to Instagram tag your photos with #captureyourholidays or #cy365 for a chance to be featured! Follow CaptureYour365.

I can’t wait to see what you create.

Download Lesson 1

What lights do you plan on photographing this year?


  1. Thank you, love the daily inspiration/lesson!!

  2. Suzi Owen

    Thank you for the free tutorials on Christmas lights i do hope I can put them to use… This is the only way i can afford Capture 365. I am on a very limited income

  3. Thank you!

  4. Marcy Miles

    Thank you Katrina!!

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