Lesson 7 | How To Capture Christmas Morning



Ready for Christmas Day?

Now is the time to prep for your Christmas Day photos. It can be a hectic time! I love making a list of 5 photos I want. I can be in the moment, know what I’m looking for, and not stress about photographing everything!

I can’t wait to see what you create.

If you post to Instagram tag your photos with #captureyourholidays or #cy365 for a chance to be featured! Follow CaptureYour365.

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  1. Thank you so much for all these wonderful tips, Katrina! Although I don’t use a “real camera”, I find them very helpful in learning how to set up shots. <3

  2. Hi Katrina, I am loving these tips, and hopefully I can get my camera back from the shop prior to the end of December so I can go back and start practicing them (unless Santa has a surprise in store?).
    Just checking if tip 6 will make it to the blog or not… Thank you so much again – and Happy Holidays!

    • So glad you are enjoying them Dawn! Thanks for pointing out Lesson 6 was missing. I made a quick change and you should be able to find it now!

      Happy Holidays!

      • you are so sweet – thank you. I have been away from the CY365 community for a little while, it is like coming home for the holidays. (and gettting gifts).

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