July CY365 Photo Challenge List | 2017

Can I let you into a little secret? Summer overwhelms me, especially this Summer. For those that don’t know, I have 3 kids and we just brought home a puppy 1 month ago. We’ve had a few too many hits this past month and I’ve let my camera sit on my counter a little too long. I’ve also felt…meh…uninspired…uncreative. Please tell me I’m not alone?

I had a friend tell me a few years ago that doing something creative every day keeps you inspired. It keeps the “mojo” flowing. I shrugged her off but guess what? It’s true! At least, for me it is. I HAVE to do something that stretches my creativity, that gives me inspiration, that makes me excited & happy. If I miss a day, I’m uninspired and feel “blah”.

Maybe this is you too? It could be how you’re feeling right now or maybe you’ve already gone through a time like this. Let’s get inspired again. Let’s intentionally pick up those cameras and capture our 365.

And as always, thank you for being HERE and thank you for capturing YOUR 365. Enjoy this month’s list.

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We’d love for you to join us.

Download the FREE July photography challenge list here.

How do you use the CaptureYour365 Challenge List?

  1. Download the list
  2. Pick up your camera (any camera)
  3. Shoot – interpret the prompts in a way that works for you
  4. Shareas many or as few as you want, this is YOUR project
  5. Repeat
  6. Enjoy!

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