July 365 Photo Challenge List | 2014

July CY365 Challenge List


We’re almost halfway through 2014! How are you doing with your daily picture taking? The arrival of summer for many of us means family trips or some sort of traveling.

Do you travel? Do you bring a camera with you?

I love to take day trips.  The first thing in my bag is my camera! Day trips are the perfect opportunity for me to work on my photography and to capture my family in new environments and our old favorites. Sometimes I only bring my phone and use its camera, but I always try to capture something new, something different while exploring.

July’s prompts will help you photograph your everyday and the special moments along the way. Use the prompts as you’re out traveling, whether it’s down the street or across the country. Follow them daily or pick a new one from the list every day.

July CY365 Photo Challenge List 2014



How can you use the list? Follow three quick steps!


Download the July Challenge List to your favorite device or print it for quick reference. I post mine right next to my desk and carry it on my phone.


Go sequential if that’s your thing or pick one that inspires you. Go out on your own if you need to. There is no wrong way to use the prompts!

And really…if you need to skip a prompt…then skip it! It’s your project. Make it your own!

And here are this month’s repeating prompts (the blue words). Not sure what a repeating prompt is? We talk about them on the CY365 Podcast.

  • Create A Self Portrait  | July 5 – Wearing a Favorite
  • Create A Macro Photo | July 7 – To The Point
  • Capture Where You Stand | July 20 – Heat Wave
  • Photograph A Number | July 23 – The Number 3
  • Practice Portraiture | July 26 – In a Line
  • Create A Photo With Your Phone | July 28 – Enjoy Yourself

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Create your image with whatever camera you have! Phone, dSLR, point and shoot.


Shoot what you can. Share what you can. No pressure.  Sharing helps keep you motivated all year long.

You have options!

Pick the one that is right for you.
And then…
In the comments below, share which prompt you are most excited about!



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