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The fresh start of a new month gives you an opportunity to begin a new 365 project or to keep on going with the one you started on January 1st. There is no magic to beginning at the first of the year, jump in wherever you are and whenever you are ready. February 1st sounds like a great place to start, doesn’t it? Join us for the next 28 days or the next 365.

Each month we create a new list of inspiration for your photography. Use these ideas as literally or figuratively as YOU are comfortable. If you think, “I have no idea how to photograph TAKING OFF.” Then skip it. Come up with your own prompt or take it to the creative place that WORKS FOR YOU. Of course, if you are a member, you can reference your daily email for the photo and prompt description.

I’m loving this month’s themed weeks. We kick each these weeks off with the theme that you can work into your photos each day.

  • Color Week – Pink
  • All About You Week
  • Technical Week – Shutter Speed
  • Composition Week – Isolate Your Subject

Member emails will give you more details for each technique. Our goal is to help you improve your creativity and your camera knowledge. You are going to love what we’ve written for you. Don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below about any of the prompts.

Shooting a photograph a day for 365 days (or just 28 days) is a big commitment. Give yourself some freedom to have days that YOUR LIFE drives your subject. Not every day MUST be on prompt.

So why have the prompts then?

The prompts are a great creative challenge. They stretch you and make you think differently. The photo prompts also connect you to the other CY365 Members. Do a quick search of our hashtag on Instagram and you’ll be inspired by everyone’s interpretation of the prompt. You might even make new friends!

There isn’t a right or wrong way to take a photo a day. Make this yours and know that we are here to support you.

If you’d like that extra support and the daily photo prompt email get your membership here. We’d love for you to join us. Members get access to our private Facebook group and access to our all day Birthday Party on March 3rd filled with learning, prizes, and fun.

Download the FREE January photography challenge list here or click on the image below.

Thank you for being HERE and thank you for capturing YOUR 365. Enjoy this month’s list.


  1. Sheri Handel

    Hi Katrina!

    Can you say more about today’s prompt: burst? Do you mean using burst or fast shutter speed to get the best action shot, whatever image?

    Loving #cy365. It’s my 2nd year!

    • This week is all about Shutter Speed. Today’s prompt is all about stopping action as something bursts. Of course, you can take it in any direction you want.

      Do you receive the daily emails? It’s got a lengthy description of today’s prompt as well as a great example. Members get the daily emails as well as the monthly ebook with descriptions for all of the prompts.

  2. I’m doing a 365 challenge, but have had no “direction”–just taking pictures. Love the February challenge ideas! How can I “save” my photos to a easy-view layout?

  3. I’m so glad I decided to check for the list early. Thank you for posting!

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