January CY365 Photo Challenge List | 2017

We’re just a few days away from a NEW YEAR!

This time of year is always filled with retrospection & introspection for me. I love to look back at the current year, remembering the good (and the bad), and thinking of what i’d like to see, do, and accomplish in the upcoming year. I know there will be some change, whether big or small.

This NEW YEAR brings many possibilities for all of us. How will you capture YOUR 365? You’ve got choices, whether you plan on taking a photo a week, trying a 31 day challenge or taking it all the way to 365. It’s up to you.

For many of us this will be another year of capturing a photo a day. We’re welcoming many new friends starting their first 365.


Use January’s list to prompt your ideas. Let it guide you, but not box you in. They don’t have to be taken literally. Use them to inspire you to capture what is happening in YOUR life as this moment.

Join us this month for a year-long journey that will impact your life in ways you never thought possible. You’ll notice small details. You’ll slow down a bit. You’ll savor life just a bit more!

If you are looking for even more inspiration, ideas, and support from a caring community of photography lovers, consider a 2017 CY365 Membership. We’d love for you to join us.


(click to download)


How do you use the CaptureYour365 Challenge List?

  1. Download the list
  2. Pick up your camera (any camera)
  3. Shoot – interpret the prompts in a way that works for you
  4. Shareas many or as few as you want, this is YOUR project
  5. Repeat
  6. Enjoy!

Read more about where to share, how to use the list, and answers to frequently asked questions.


  1. Courtenay Schurman

    Day 3 and I’m already stumped. “contemplate” as a prompt? What are others doing with this? And where/when do we get the ebook that has information about each prompt? How were the words/prompts generated? I guess I have far more questions than answers at this point and am confused as to where to find them. Meanwhile, I’ll just go shoot – that’s the whole point, right? Happy new year to all.

    • I ended up interpreting it by showing what I was doing while contemplating. I went on a hike with my dog and took a picture of her and my ruck sack against the mountain back drop. And then I reflected in the caption on what I had contemplating during the hike. You can follow me @365_perspective

    • Britanee Walker

      You can download the ebook in the Member’s Area in the Classroom. The words/prompts were chosen by the Creative Team. And you can capture ‘Contemplate’ any way you’d like! There’s subprompts to help you too. Or you can go off prompt and capture what you’d like. It’s your 365. 🙂

      Hope that helps!

    • You can interpret this a self portrait. Think of the thinking man statue
      . There are many different ways to create an image. Just ask.

  2. I’m really excited I found this! Thank you for doing this

  3. Will there be different things to capture each month?

  4. Nicole Wagner

    Looking forward to completing a whole year!

  5. Im going to this again. I did the first 60 days last year and faded after that. I’m gonna try to hold it together this year.

  6. is there a way to download this in a format that can be imported to google calendar?

  7. Sarah T

    Attempted in the past and faded out. The past year and half I have gone through A LOT of changes, things I never would have thought I could get through. But here I am. I can do this also!

  8. Michele Hebrank

    Is the once-a-week prompt list different from the daily?

  9. New to CY365. Is there a good hashtag (or series of hashtags) to use? Where’s the best place to post pics? Your FB page, mine with hashtags, etc?


  10. Just saw the new list on my inbox! Had to download to try it again for this new year!! Thanks a bunch!

  11. I am so glad your email popped up. I always loved your ideas, photos and prompts. Looking forward to a new year.

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