Inspiring Examples of Ways To Fill The Frame

How often do you fill your photo frame? It’s a great technique to bring focus to your subject without including a lot of extras. I love the way it draws my eye in!

Enjoy the inspiring examples from the CY365 Community. Click on through your favorites and let them know you enjoyed their photos.


Nurture – by Creative Team Member, Jeannie Thiessen


gallery_253_4_126683Day 15 – In Detail by Janine


gallery_1130_4_229008Rubes – by Samantha


med_gallery_2047_1_4041Day 49 – In The Front Yard – by Creative Team Member, Pam Scott


 Fill the Frame by Stuart Cox |

August 07 – Abstract – by Stuart Cox


Fill The Frame By Tracey_G |

1.30.14 Focusing by Tracey_G


 CY365 - 65 My Muse by Rhonda

My Muse by Rhonda


What’s your favorite thing about filling the frame? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. This is my kind of photography, I really like it…. Will give it my best shot (lol) I’m using a 50 mm 1.8 which isn’t easy for me because I tend to want to fill the frame but then it’s blurry. I’m to close or shutter speed is off :-(. Of course I’m new at all this……. Just love your site and monthly challenges, getting practice for my own CY365 come 2015!

  2. Beautiful photos. Gave me some neat ideas.

  3. Susan Carey

    These are great photos. I’m always in a quandary about filling the frame. Always worried about to much or to little. Thanks for the great examples.

  4. carol ann

    I love that each photo tells my eyes exactly where to look. It also has a way of making color very important. I like the dominating quality of these photos altogether. Kind of in-your-face shots. Nice!

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