Inspiring Examples of Ways To Fill The Frame

How often do you fill your photo frame? It’s a great technique to bring focus to your subject without including a lot of extras. I love the way it draws my eye in!

Enjoy the inspiring examples from the CY365 Community. Click on through your favorites and let them know you enjoyed their photos.


Nurture – by Creative Team Member, Jeannie Thiessen


gallery_253_4_126683Day 15 – In Detail by Janine


gallery_1130_4_229008Rubes – by Samantha


med_gallery_2047_1_4041Day 49 – In The Front Yard – by Creative Team Member, Pam Scott


 Fill the Frame by Stuart Cox |

August 07 – Abstract – by Stuart Cox


Fill The Frame By Tracey_G |

1.30.14 Focusing by Tracey_G


 CY365 - 65 My Muse by Rhonda

My Muse by Rhonda


What’s your favorite thing about filling the frame? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. carol ann

    I love that each photo tells my eyes exactly where to look. It also has a way of making color very important. I like the dominating quality of these photos altogether. Kind of in-your-face shots. Nice!

  2. Susan Carey

    These are great photos. I’m always in a quandary about filling the frame. Always worried about to much or to little. Thanks for the great examples.

  3. Beautiful photos. Gave me some neat ideas.

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