Are You Ready For An Inspired Year of Photography?


Inspiration ebbs and flows.
There are moments when it flows into the creation of beautiful photographs. Almost effortlessly.
Have you felt that flow or does it allude you?

We all need something to spark our creativity, something to give us a creative nudge.

Join me for a year long exploration of inspiration and creativity. Each month we will focus on ONE photographic concept. We will immerse ourselves in information, techniques, and creative ideas for that ONE photo. I’ll share examples from throughout the creative community to help you create an image that is yours.

Each month you’ll receive a prompt to inspire you.


The prompt is accompanied by:

  • Photo examples.
  • A technical explanation.
  • A creative interpretation.
  • Ideas for alternative ways to interpret the prompt.

Go with it. Copy it. Make it your own. Set it up exactly like the examples. It’s yours.


In our 12 month creative adventure, we’ll be inspired by:

  • Light
  • Color
  • Composition
  • Posing and Portraits
  • Small details
  • Painters and Cinematography
  • And more!

If you’ve loved the everydayness of Project365, you’ll love the everydayness of thinking through an idea. Planning it. Seeking out the moment without the pressure of a daily photo.

Each month we’ll hold a  live photo discussion where we will talk about the photos you’ve taken. We’ll explore the  set up and the result. We’ll celebrate your creativity.

It’s a fine mix of technical and creative.



  • 12 full color printable PDF ebooks – one delivered each month
  • A private community forum for inspiration + ideas + support
  • A private gallery for sharing your class photographs 
  • Weekly inspiration emails packed with links, ideas, and resources related to our monthly theme
  • Interaction and feedback from your instructor, Katrina Kennedy
  • 4 video tutorials – one delivered each quarter



  • A monthly live photo discussion webinar with a recording available for those unable to attend
  • Technical and Creative photo preparation worksheets



Watch soon for the 2013 Inspired Class available in Ebook Form!

This class is ideal if you are ready to step your skills up a level, challenging yourself to make the most of your equipment. A dSLR camera is recommended, but class can work with any camera. A basic understanding of manual mode will help you to get the most from the lessons. Not certain if class is right for you? Email Katrina with your questions.


Let 2013 be the year your photography is INSPIRED!



  1. Barbara Becker

    I was wondering if you’ll be doing this same type of class/inspiration project for 2014? It sounds like something I’d like to do. I understand from your replies to other folks that I could purchase Inspired 2013 and have access to all of 2013 lessons, but I’d much rather start at the beginning and work through each month as it comes from you. (Not sure I have the discipline to “go it alone.” LOL

    • Hi Barbara!
      I will be offering a 2014 version! Details will be out in December. I hope you’ll join us!

      And of course, we’d love to see you for the rest of 2013 ;), but understand not wanting to go it alone!


      • Barbara

        Super! And in the meantime, I think I’ll register for Your Life Captured Through the Lens. 🙂

  2. Hi! If I join the class now will I still get 12 months worth of instruction or will I only receive material until December?

    • Hi Amanda!

      If you join class now you’ll have access to the previous lessons, webinar recordings, and videos as well as the rest of the year.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  3. Amanda

    I have taken a couple photography classes and have a little understanding of how it all works. I would take the classes and get the information and just never practice, so then I have forgotten it all. I am wanting to get my camera out of the manual mode and start taking pictures. Would your maual mode class be good or the 365 class be good for me to take.

  4. Stacie Rochell

    I am new to this sight and don’t know much about manual mode but I am curious about your other classes i.e. Your Life Captured through a Lens. Can you give me some more information on existing or upcoming classes?

  5. Katrina, I want to verify that registration is still open? It says it closed on Dec31? Upcoming birthday, so wanted to pass this on…
    THanks, candyK

  6. Michelle O

    This class sounds great, but I haven’t gotten comfortable with shooting in manual mode yet. Would I be better off to wait until after Your Life Captured through the Lens?

    • I think you’ll be happier and more comfortable with the information Michelle. The beautiful part is that Inspired registration stays open all year, so you can jump in when you are ready and still have access to the previous months!

  7. Has regisstration already closed for this class? Kathy

  8. kathleen crispino

    Looking forward to being “inspired”…thank you for offering this class!

  9. Is this the same material as the individual monthly classes, but bundled into one package?

    • Sarah, this is completely different than the Your Life Series of classes. Each of the 12 lessons for the year look at a prompt from both a creative and a technical side.

  10. I agree with Terri. You are very generous with your inspiration, time and commitment to motivating us all.

    I think this sounds like an excellent class to get on track and make this happen as apposed to it being on the beginning of my annual ‘to do list’ each year.


  11. Hi Katrina,

    I am planning to take this class for 2 reasons: 1) I am wanting to take my skills to the next level. 2) I want to support YOU because I feel that you give so much to the 365 community. I just watched your LR videos last night and I thought they were excellent. I’m also joining over at the forums and gallery and plan to make this my 365 “home”.

    I do have Captured Through the Lens, and every time I sit down to do it, something “comes up”! (Single Mom of a 9 month old, etc)

    Anyhow, my knowledge of manual mode is minimal at this point, although it is definitely on my “to do” list for 2013.

    Do you think I could still get a lot out of the class?


    • Thank you Terri. I appreciate your kind words.

      If you have some familiarity with manual mode you will benefit from class especially with Your Life Captured Through The Lens as a reference.


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