I Spy With My Little Eye

Can you find the word air? And a key? And something used to fasten?

Photo Credit: Rhadonda Sedgwick


Have you ever played the I Spy game? One person sees something and gives clues about the selected item and the other person tries to guess what the item is by looking around the room with their eyes and thinking about the clues. I remember playing this game with my kids when we were waiting in the car or at an appointment. Then we discovered the I Spy books. I Spy books had beautiful pages full of items to find and a list to help you know what to look for.  The I Spy books became a part of our nightly bedtime routine as our kids were growing up. I believe I enjoyed them as much or maybe even more than they did!

Taking a photo every day is similar to playing I Spy.  We are paying attention to little details. We are looking for straight horizons. We are looking for our focal point. We are conveying emotion and feeling. We are looking for the light. We certainly begin to see things that perhaps were hidden before or that we just did not take the time to really look and see, to study, to observe at all angles.

Photo credit: Sherry Billings

Inspired by the creativity in the I Spy books I began taking photos in a similar style with the intent of eventually having my own homemade book to share with family.  This type of photos are very similar to flat lay images. You gather your items, consider your background, arrange the items and take the photo.

For additional fun some of the Creative Team members submitted their interpretation of the I Spy type of photo! Some even have the list of items to search for so you can play along!

It can be a photo with just a few objects for a simple search.

Photo Credit: Rhadonda Sedgwick

It can be complex with more items or layers of items providing a more challenging search.  Notice how some items are only partially showing which adds to the fun!

Photo Credit: Rhadonda Sedgwick


Photo Credit: Garnett Hutchinson

For Garnett’s photo she made the backdrop with things that she found in pockets while doing laundry.  Then she added additional items.


Can you find these items?

  • A watering can
  • 5 pebbles
  • The letter E
  • An owl
  • A birthday candle
  • 2 red hearts,
  • A shoe
  • A coffee cup
  • A raccoon
  • The number 8


You Can Follow A Theme

Photo Credit: Jeannie Thiessen


Photo Credit: Amy Jordan


Can you find these items?

  • Marble
  • Fork
  • Four Dollars
  • Pair of Sunglasses
  • Ten Shark’s Eye
  • Royal Plate


Photo Credit: Lee Glasby


Can you find these items?

  • StormTroopers
  • Ballerina
  • Boxer
  • Carpenter
  • Cat
  • Cavalier
  • Chief
  • Farmer
  • Photographer
  • Marge Simpson
  • Shakespeare


You Can Convey An Emotion

Photo Credit: Kris Baker

Kris shared, “I Spy photos are most often thought of as puzzles, but they can be more. The one that I created is more like a meditation.  The objects are not hard to find, but sometimes the ideas that they represent are hard to see and feel. This one can be used as a way to enter into personal meditation on peace, hope, and love.

The act of creating the image also is part of that meditation. You can create such an image around anything that is meaningful to you.  Consider vacation memories, family memories, work, aging, music. Have fun with the process, this really is the gift to yourself that keeps on giving since each time you look at the image you bring something different to the experience.”


You Can Focus On Color

Photo Credit: Rhadonda Sedgwick


Photo Credit: Katrina Kennedy

“I focused on my son’s favorite color. I searched through his room looking for toys he’s loved. I know these items won’t be around for much longer, so I was able to record them together forever. It’s an I Spy of his childhood memories photographed on one of his favorite shirts,” Katrina shared.


You Can Focus On Everyday Life

And just in case you are thinking flat lay is not your thing you can certainly take everyday life photos and play I Spy.

Photo Credit: Rhadonda Sedgwick

This is our nursery at church. Just look at all the items to be discovered. Sometimes the fun is not having a list but just taking turns challenging each other to find hidden items.

You have unlimited choices for I Spy photos. Have fun and continue to take those daily photos and watch how you grow in noticing and spying new things!

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Have you tried an I Spy photo? What did you include in the frame? 


  1. Rene MacDonald

    I absolutely love this idea and all the fascinating and very clever examples! The possibilities are endless. Thank you for yet something else to be thinking about and playing with!

  2. I agree, I totally love this “I Spy” idea!!

  3. Linda Stroud

    What a fun idea!

  4. Nicky hurt

    I so love this idea!!

  5. Perfect Rhadonda!!

  6. Amy Jordan

    Rhadonda you absolutely knocked it out of the park!! I loved seeing what everyone came up with and how their personalities really came through! This was alot of fun – maybe an “I Spy” prompt needs to be part of next year!!

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