How To Use Triangles In Your Composition

We love things in three.

Threes appeal to our eye’s need for balance. They provides movement and stability. We use the rule of thirds to place items strategically. We think about dividing our landscape photos into thirds of foreground, mid ground, and background. 

Of course, our threesome wouldn’t be complete without talking about the triangle. Find it (or create it) in your frame and you are on your way to stronger composition. 

You can position three items or people into a triangle. This one is inverted of course. Use a triangle structure to arrange people for casual or formal portraits.



You can find triangles in nature. 

365 April 14 Blue DH

photo by Deirdre Harger

We can find triangles and balance them with curves.

CY365 - Phone Photography Tips-2301


You can find triangles in the buildings and structures around you. 

Pacific Northwest 2014-6863


Once you begin to look for them, you’ll see them everywhere.  

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