How To Use Adobe Spark Page To Document Your 365 Project

Have you always wanted to create a website to share your 365 project photos, but you just don’t have the time or technical know how? It can be time consuming and frustrating to dive into web design while balancing the rest of your life.

So what’s this super-easy, FREE, non-technical method?

Adobe Spark Pages

Yes, Adobe has created a method for you to easily create beautiful web pages for your photography project. With a few steps including an integration with Lightroom, you can display your photos for everyone to enjoy.

Here’s an example I created with my 2015 Project photos.


So how do you do this? You’ll be ready to create in just a few simple steps.

Go to Adobe Spark You can also use the FREE Adobe Spark App.


Create Your Page

  1. Click on the Yellow Icon on the left
  2. Select Page
  3. Add a title and subtitle
  4. Select a background photo by clicking on photo at the bottom

Add Photos And Text

Select your photo location

Where and how you store your photos is going to be the biggest help or obstacle to using Spark Pages. If you keep your 365 project photos in one file it will be MUCH easier to retrieve them.


The one you choose will determine the size and position of the photo as well as the speed of creating your page.

You can also choose to upload from your computer or external hard drives if that is where you keep your 365 photos.

You have three options for displaying your photos.

  1. Individually
  2. In a grid
  3. As a slideshow. Adobe calls it a Glideshow.

If you want fast and easy, the grid is your easiest method. You select grid, choose all of your photos, and the grid is created. You can customize the grid once you’ve created it, switching and resizing photos, but Spark will take some liberties with your photos. If you really care about keeping your square photos square and all other dimensions as you created them, you might prefer the individual method instead.

Keep in mind, the grid will adjust the size of your image in the grid, but when your viewers click through the photo they will see the original image as you intended it.

You can use a combination of grids and text if you want to describe your photos as well as share them. I grouped my photos by month with a short bit of text about each month.

Once you are done with your layout you can preview your work using the Preview Icon at the top of the page. Happy with what you’ve created? Now it’s time to share.


Share Your Page

You’ve got options with sharing.

Once you’ve created the link, you can share on social media or link it on your existing web page. If you have iframes on your website, you can embed the Adobe Spark Page.

Once you’ve created your Spark Page, you can return to Spark Pages to edit and update. This makes it a great 365 option if you want to update with new photos each month or week of the year. The link remains the same.


**If you have a paid Creative Cloud account you can remove the Adobe Spark Branding from your page. If not, it will have a small icon toward the bottom of the page. It’s hardly noticeable. You cannot remove the branding if you are using the IOS app.  


  1. Teresa Lowe

    Thanks for the info! I am hoping to do 365 next year after skipping a couple of years!

  2. Amy Jordan

    This is fantastic and sounds very easy – will have to give it a try!!

  3. Hey Katrina. Thanks for this post. I have an Adobe Creative Cloud account and I never knew about this. I have just tried it out quickly, and its great. I will also be using it to put together some of my favourite shots from each of my 365 project years!

  4. This is epic and I am totally going to play once I get settled in our new address!! Thanks Katrina!

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