How To Succeed At 365 With Amy Obi Behind The Lens

It’s back.


Not like acid washed jeans or or stirrup pants.

But like your favorite discontinued nail polish.


Behind the Lens.


Where we highlight someone from our CY365 community who is just rockin’ capturing and sharing their life every day.

Each month we’re going to pry into the lives of one of YOU and learn what makes you tick and what makes you click.


This month we’re shining our light on Uche Anyalebechi.

But you may know her better as Miss Amy Obi.



How many years have you been a part of CY365?

One year. I am starting on my second year.


What prompted you to do a 365 Project?

My family migrated from Nigeria, leaving behind heirlooms. However, what bothers me the most is the inability to look back at pictures to relive old memories. Hence, this piqued my interest and motivated me to start capturing photos of my family.

I knew that I wanted to be able to capture and document the everyday life of my young growing family in order to keep a visual diary and preserve memories for years to come.

However, I was unsure of how to go about it.

It was in December of 2016 while on maternity leave.

I rejoined Facebook and happened to come across post for a “free capture your holiday” photography class offered by Katrina Kennedy. Upon joining their Facebook group, I virtually met people who truly cared about helping me succeed in my venture. This led me to sign up for the year long CY365.

During the course of of this undertaking, I began to grow and improve in my photography skills as I interacted with other amazing photographers who are united via CY365.

When I embarked on this journey, I didn’t bargain on making new friends who are more like family; the tremendous improvement in my photography skills; and having a safe haven to learn, grow and have fun!



What equipment do you use the most in your project (camera type, phone, favorite lenses)?

I mostly pair my Nikon D7200 with the 24-70mm f/2.8G lens. I love this combination because it’s able to capture both landscapes and portraits. On the rare occasion when my camera is not within reach, I use my iPhone to supplement.


What is your favorite aspect/part of doing a 365 project?

The community! They are what have kept me going!

It’s amazing how diverse the group is; however, we are all united with a passion for photography!

I probably have mentioned this before, however, I would not have been successful with my 365 project if I did not join CY365! The support, inspiration, feedback, and encouragement is phenomenal! Through this project, friendships have been fostered, and I have also had the pleasure of meeting several of the members during a photowalk.



 What advice would you give to someone starting their first Project 365?


  • Make it YOUR 365! Take photos of things that are of interest to you, it doesn’t matter what! The word prompts serve as a guide for when you might need guidance or at a loss on what to photograph.
  • Find a group and join. I found that this helped to keep me accountable. Our community here is exceptional. I have never experienced anything other than support and encouragement from everyone.
  • Always carry your camera with you! I cannot over emphasize this!
  • Don’t expect all your images to be a work of art.
  • Go out of your comfort zone and take photos of things you would have otherwise ignored.
  • Don’t make excuses! Use your cell phone, point and shoot, or any camera at hand.


 What do you love to photograph the most?

I love photographing my children! I enjoy documenting our vacations, their school trips, and our lives together.



What have you learned from doing a 365?

This project has helped me gain confidence in myself to step out of my comfort zone and take chances with anything new.

It has truly tested my discipline because certain days I wanted to quit.

However I remembered that it’s “my” 365 and I kept on going. I have also learned that my best photos come when I least expect it. This project has forced me to think outside the box and focus on the little details which would have otherwise been neglected.



What motivates you to pick up your camera every day?

The memories that beg to be captured.

I want my children to remember.

I want them to be able to pass it on to their children and so forth. My father passed away when I was 15. It’s sad to say that I do not have any photos of him to share with my children.

Also, the daily prompts challenge me to move out of my comfort zone. I’m sure that without it, I would have quit a long time ago.


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  1. Amy Jordan

    What a wonderful blog about a fantastic photographer – who I was lucky enough to meet last year!! I always look forward to your photos especially your kiddos – you make the everyday look amazing!! It was such a treat to get to know you alittle more!

  2. Kay Lucien

    Amy, what a beautifully written story of your CY365 experience. I love seeing your photos every day, you capture such sweet moments with your children. And your daily comments on others photos are uplifting. It was wonderful photo walking with you last year,I hope we can do more!

    • Uche Anya

      Thank you so much, Kay! Would love to join you again for more adventures this year!

  3. Linda Stroud

    I’m so happy to get to know more about you, Ami! You have a beautiful family and you are creating such a treasure in documenting your lives together. You inspire me to re-focus on capturing the real life moments of my day to day life.

  4. Faith Haynesworth

    Amy, I have loved seeing images of your beautiful family but that is only part of your talent. You have a great eye for composition and photographic storytelling. Inspiring!

  5. I’m always on the lookout for the picture you post each day. Your style is just beautiful and your pictures of your children are the best! Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m so glad you are a part of this group.

  6. Uzoma Obi

    Keep it up, sis and continue to hone your skills in the art of photography. The article was a good read and I’m considering following your lead!

    • Uche Anya

      Nnanne m’, I meela! Chukwu gozie gi! Thanks so much, and don’t forget to join us! Will keep you posted when we are having a photo walk in the DMV area!

  7. Nancy McCarthey

    So proud of you for doing this special project for your children! They will appreciate it as they get older!!!

    • Uche Anya

      Hi Ms. Nancy,
      so great to hear from you! Thanks so much for the encouragement! Hugs

  8. Lee Glasby

    Ami Obi what a beautiful post and you are an inspiration to all of us on this journey of taking a photo a day. You are very supportive and a great asset to the community. Love the photos of your children and am very glad that you are part of this lovely community.

    • Uche Anya

      Thank you so much, Lee for your kind comments. I am so glad and honored to be a part of this group!

  9. Amy you are an amazing photographer and more….you work continues to amaze me and so real life. Thank you for sharing your treasured family with us in so many unique ways…love everyday!!!

    • Uche Anya

      How can I say “thank you”? I hope you understand. Thanks for everything!

  10. Amy- I just love your photography- and I remember last year when you “debuted” in CY365- i said to myself– i LOVE her work– her eye, her love for family and simplicity- so i was ecstatic to be able to feature you on behind the lens!!!! Hope you’re feeling the love today!!! <3

    • Uche Anya

      Dear Emily,
      Thank you so much for this feature, and for everything! You took me unawares! And I so love your photojournalistic style!

  11. Cyndi Holland

    So fun to get to know a bit about your life- Your pictures have been so fun to see.

  12. Sue Griffin

    Amy, it’s so nice to know more about you. I always love your amazing photos and so enjoy those beautiful kids, they have grown in the last year. I am looking forward to another year and so glad you are here to share photos and your heartfelt comments

    • Uche Anya

      Thank you so very much, Sue! I really appreciate. I am so glad to be here. I feel right at home!

  13. I loved learning more about you. I have loved seeing your photos and look forward to seeing many more.

  14. Martha Schlesselman

    Amy, thanks so much for sharing your story with us. Your photos are amazing and beautiful, and I have so enjoyed getting to know you and your family through them. How wonderful that you will be able to leave a visual story for your children and future generations. What a gift! I’m glad you’re back for another year and I look forward to making the journey with you again.

    • Uche Anya

      Thank you for your kind comments, Martha! I sincerely appreciate. So happy to be back again!

  15. So lovely to see you featured Amy. Always love seeing your photos and looking forward to another year of watching your photography and creativity blossom 🙂

  16. Debra Penk

    So good to “meet” you, Amy! I love your beautiful family photos and reading your comments on CY365. I hope your second year will be even more rewarding than your first one was.

    • Uche Anya

      Hi Debra! So good to “meet” you too! 🙂
      Thank you for your kind comments.

  17. Really enjoyed reading about you. I always look forward to seeing your photos and had assumed that you had been at this for a long time! Your photos have style and soul. Keep on clicking!

  18. Peggy Pryor

    I’m so happy that I was able to meet you in person this past fall! I have enjoyed watching your photography grow and especially watching your children grow this past year. You are an inspiration for all the new members of our group!!

    • Uche Anya

      The pleasure is all mine, Peggy! It was such a joy meeting you too! Thank you for your kind comment! You are so kind.

  19. Lysle Barmby

    Amy Obi the s a wonderfully written, heartfelt article. I have so very much enjoyed your photographs and watching your family grow. I look forward To more! Thank you.

  20. Rhadonda Sedgwick

    What a beautiful read! We love you Ami!!!! And wow has your photography blossomed! You are a beautiful person, have a beautiful family and take beautiful photos! So glad you are here. (I have run out of exclamation points LOL)

    • Uche Anya

      Love you all right back!
      Thank you for your kind comments, Rhadonda! Thank you for allowing me bug you! You give generously! Thanks for everything!!!

  21. I appreciated that you emphasized using your ‘big camera’ often. I’ve fallen into just lazily snapping something-anything! with my cell phone and calling it good for the day. Effort yields the rewards. Thanks for sharing the importance of documenting family–its my motivation too.

    • Uche Anya

      I sure have found it helpful.
      Thank you so much for your kind comments, Candy!

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