How To Get The Most From CaptureYour365

Getting The Most From CaptureYour365

Are you getting everything you can from CaptureYour365? Have you discovered everything there is around here?


Blog Posts

This is where CaptureYour365 started. Here are a few of my all time favorite CY365 posts:

What It Means To Be An Everyday Photographer

The Story of Ian’s Lucky Foot

Creating A Habit

What else can you find on the blog? Here’s just a small sampling!

Monthly photo challenge lists

Photography tips and techniques

Posts about my photos, my life, and a glimpse into my day to day stuff



We’ve got FREE videos you can watch right now!

Looking to get started with Lightroom? Look here.

Do you need to find a way to organize your 365 photos? This video series walks you through using The Collect App with Project Life. Look right here. The final video for printing will be available next week!

Do you enjoy using your phone in interesting ways?

Watch how I use Waterlogue to create a water color image from a photo.

Watch me use BigLens to create a shallow depth of field with a phone photo!


The Podcast

We’ve been podcasting since 2014. With 36 episodes, you can join us in discussions about Lightroom, Kicking Creative Funks, and more. Subscribe on iTunes or download them here.



Three membership levels give you the flexibility to make CY365 work for you. The Daily Email is a favorite member feature!


Premier members receive daily emails, the monthly ebooks, access to the Secret Facebook group, instant access to CaptureYourLife Through The Lens, monthly bonuses, and HALF price classes including the year long PRACTICE class.

Classic members receive  daily emails, the monthly ebooks, access to the Secret Facebook group, monthly bonuses, and discounts on CY365 classes.

Basic members receive  daily emails and  access to the Secret Facebook group. This is great for trying CY365 out. The Classic Membership is a better price if you know you are committed to a year of 365!

Choose your membership level here.

Once you sign up for your membership, select CLASSROOM in the menu bar above to find all of your member goodies! Your discount links, ebooks, and more are waiting for you in the classroom.


Have you discovered something you love about CaptureYour365? What’s your favorite?


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    I’m only seeing my 2016 Membership not my 2017

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