How To Edit A Snowy Exposure Gone Wrong

Snowy scenes can be hard to capture correctly! Unless you are shooting in manual, the bright white from the snow tends to trick the camera into speeding up the shutter speed, creating dark, underexposed images.

On a ridiculously cold winter day, I stepped outside to photograph my husband snowplowing the drive.   I didn’t take the time to bundle up, so I quickly snapped a few shots without paying any attention to my settings.  I imported them into Lightroom and found them all underexposed.



February 21, 2013

Here’s how how I fixed the exposure.

  • Use Auto White Balance to correct color cast.
  • Increase exposure +30
  • Increase whites +80
  • Decrease blacks -9
  • Increase shadows +50
  • Increase clarity +20


February 21, 2013

Hard to believe it is the same photo, isn’t it?

Go here for more Lightroom tutorials and videos.


Do you love seeing the editing steps people use? Do you have specific edits you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments below.



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  1. Barb in AK

    YES! I need all the help I can get, because my photos are usually disappointing. I love to see how other fix their photos. I use Adobe PhotoElements. My program is 3 (really OLD), but in most cases it helps.
    I just don’t know what to do to fix photos where everything seems to be very good, but the faces are shadowy. I know I SHOULD use my flash, but as you say, sometimes you only have that moment to take a shot, and no time to fiddle with settings. Any ideas?

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