How to Do a Project 365 Without Losing Your Mind

You’ve done it.


You made the decision to take a photo every day for three hundred and sixty-five days.


January 1st came, and you were ready.

You nailed that prompt and had it posted before you had even taken your shower.


But it’s two weeks later, and the newness of it all is beginning to wear off.

Life is getting busy again.

It’s dark before you go to work.

It’s dark before you go home from work.

You begin to ask yourself the infamous question:


“What in the world was I thinking when I decided to do this?”


And that’s exactly the first step in successfully completing this project.


1. Find Your “Why” 

Is it to stretch yourself in the area of photography?

Or are you wanting to document your daily life in a way that you and your family will come to treasure for years to come?


Maybe you’re like me, and it’s a combination of the two.

Whatever your WHY is, write it down and refer back to it when you’re tempted to throw in the proverbial towel.


2.  Let the Prompts GUIDE you, not FRUSTRATE you

I can remember being so intimidated by shooting on prompt




I would look ahead at the month of prompts and my mind would spin as to how I was going to shoot every single one.

I’ve had my share of those days


Sound familiar?

Did you hyperventilate when you saw a prompt about capturing the blue sky yet it’s raining in your neck of the woods that day?


Remember that the prompts are there to

  • get your creative juices flowing



  • challenge you in what you shoot, how you shoot, and where you shoot


So if a particular prompt is stumping you, shoot whatever it is that moves you that day.

This project is about your life, not the prompts.

So stretch and manipulate the prompts to fit your life and not vice versa.


3.  Carry Your Camera Everywhere

So many of my special 365 moments have occurred in places I least expected them.

I don’t care if it’s your “Big Girl” camera or the sweet little thing on your phone.

Take it with you to doctor appointments



To the grocery store


To the bowling alley


On date night


And stop caring about what people will think when you’re lying prone on the floor of the bowling alley trying to get the right shot of your son’s shoes.

They’re just jealous.


4.  Share Your Pictures

This project is not one that can be done alone.

You’re going to need encouragement.


You’re going to need someone bugging you saying, “Where’s your Picture of the Day?  I miss you!”


And this is where the CY365 Community comes in.



We encourage each other, we laugh and cry with each other as we share our Every Day through pictures.


We meet up with each other when we’re in each other’s neck of the woods.

We’re there for you when you’re going through the “I have nothing to photograph today and I hate my camera” phase.

And we cheer you on when you get that new lens or nail that focus.


So take a deep breath, get out that camera, find that light, and just shoot.





  1. Amy Jordan

    This is fantastic Emily and just what we needed to be reminded of…don’t stress and have fun!
    Loved the photo of you & Rhadonda!!

  2. Kylee Rulason

    No 3 is my big one! Right now I do NOT take my camera any where outside of my home. So afraid people will tell me hey woman put your camera away what do you think your doing so I just don’t take it anywhere with me.

  3. Garnett Hutchinson

    Excellent blog, Emily!

  4. Loved No.3 Stop worrying what people think, they’re just jealous.

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