How To Create Blur On Purpose


Don’t you love a shallow depth of field? Me too, but sometimes you just can’t create what you are looking for. This photo is a perfect example of not believing everything you see! That blur? I put it there.

If you are frustrated with your phone’s or your camera’s blurry backgrounds, I’ve got answer for you! In this quick video I share my favorite app for blurring the background. It’s speedy, precise, and right now only 99 cents! And guess what? BigLens isn’t just for iPhone! Nice.


Questions? Comments? Or ideas for future videos or post? I’d love to see them in the comments below!


  1. Awesome tutorial/video!! I have downloaded the app and now I have an understanding of how to use this app. I hope you will share more smartphone apps. Thank You!!

  2. great app and tutorial, Katrins! I’ve been looking for something that will allow me to use my iPhone a bit more like my DSLR. thank you!

  3. As someone who is enjoying more about capturing memories, I love this type of demonstration. Can’t wait to get the app and try this!
    Thank you.

  4. Thank you Katrina for the video today. It iwill be helpful to quickly use the app that I am now going to check out. Nice to have the ability to edit iphone photos for bokeh.

  5. Debbie Beer

    What a great app, will be trying it.

  6. Just a note: the app was free this morning.

  7. Vicky Venturini

    I was so happy to see that this app is available for my Samsung phone. Just downloaded it and can’t wait to play with the options!

  8. Thanks. I’m using my iPhone for my CY365 this year, and getting better about editing on the phone. Looking forward to giving this one a try!

  9. Thanks for sharing Katrina. I’m just using my phone this year and it’s a whole new learning curve.

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