How To Create A Multiplicity Photo

Hey there friends! I hope your 2015 is off to an amazing start. The daily prompts are a great source of inspiration with many ways to interpret them. You can go with the most obvious photo or you can twist and turn it to make it fit your day. Don’t let the words hold you back. Think on them and make them YOURS.

Creative Team Member, Jeannie Thiessen, is a MASTER at creativity.  If you have seen Jeannie’s gallery, you know her self portrait work is filled with creativity and whimsy. Her take on the prompt, Up in the Air is one of my all time favorites!

She’s leading our first Self Portrait day with January 4th’s prompt, A Reflection of Me. And she does not disappoint. With a tripod, self timer, and a little editing magic, she’s created an fun photo of her everyday.

IMG_3065 ed-2B&W 640


Up for a challenge? She shares her steps here! Of course, you can take this prompt in any direction you’d like! I’ll let Jeannie do the talking from here!


    1. I set up my tripod in a spot in the bathroom where it wouldn’t get bumped. I put a piece of tape on the floor under each of the tripod legs just in case it was bumped. That way I knew where to put the tripod back. It is very important the tripod doesn’t move.


    1. I took one shot of the bathroom mirror.IMG_3065 fin-640


    1. Next I stood in my pj’s in the spot I would be standing. I took the camera and faced the tripod, auto focused on the tripod head and switched the lens to manual focus.


    1. I place the camera on the tripod and set the ten second timer, ran to my original spot that I had marked with something on the floor. ( I think it was a hair elastic). I grabbed my toothbrush and waited for the camera to fire.


    1. Check and recheck to make sure you’re focused. It took me a few tries to get it right.


    1. Then I left the camera on the tripod and got ready for work like I would usually do.


    1. Once I was ready for work I was then ready for the next step.


    1. I put a sticky on the mirror where my reflection of my face was. I auto focused on the sticky while my camera was on the tripod. I switched the lens to manual focus. I then took the sticky off the mirror.


    1. I set the ten second self timer and pressed the shutter button. I ran to my spot and leaned in towards the mirror where my camera was focused on the sticky. I held my mascara wand as if I was applying it.


    1. Then I played in Photoshop Elements. (You need to be familiar with using the eraser tool in PSE.)


    1. I placed the 2 shots of my pj shot and my work shot in PSE 12.


    1. I erased the surrounding bathroom area in my pj shot. Then I did the same with the shot of me applying my makeup. The white portion is actually transparent in PSE. As you can tell I wasn’t too fussy with my erasing and it worked out fine.
      IMG_3065ed -12_edited-640IMG_3065ed -1_edited-640


    1. Now I layered all three shots taken. I started with the bathroom mirror shot. Then I placed the next in my pj’s and the last layer was me doing my makeup.


  1. Merge the layers.

There you have it! A cool self portrait.

Inspired? I can’t wait to see what you create. You can see even more self portrait ideas on the CY365 Pinterest Self Portrait Board.


  1. Kari Ploysa

    Wow, how awesome! I need to start playing with photoshop and light room. 🙂

  2. So freakin’ creative!!!

  3. Libby Wiers

    Not sure I am ready for anything quite this complex, for camera or PSE, but this creativity is definitely something to strive for!!

  4. ~ Kim ~

    This was such a fun shot! Thanks for sharing your technique! I may have to try this some time, though I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to share my pj shot! LOL I just don’t wake up looking as beautiful as you do Jeannie!!!

  5. Jean Graham

    So cool! I wish I could learn how to use these programs. I have such trouble with them. But I love seeing everyone’s creativity!

  6. Loretta

    Very fun! I had to look at the picture a couple of times before I realized what I was really seeing. Very creative indeed!

  7. This is awesome Jeannie. Thanks!

  8. Debbie Beer

    What a cool shot…so very creative

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