Holiday Photo Gift Ideas | CY365 Podcast #17


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Christmas is nine weeks (or so) away! Are you ready? I’m not either, but we’ve got ideas! Kelly and I discuss ideas for using our photos for holiday gifts for our friends and family.


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Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2015


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Ways to use your photos for holiday gifts. We’ve got A LOT of ideas.


1. Photo Calendars


2. Photo Mugs

3. Printed Photos

4. Journals, Notebooks, and Thank You Notes

5. Photobooks

6. Photo DVD/CD


7. Scrapbook Supplies with Photos


8. Christmas Ornaments

9. Playing Cards

10. An Eclectic Mix Of Things


Seen In The Gallery

Katrina’s Pic | Jodie’s A Household Chore


Kelly’s Pic | Nibrand’s Vibrant


How have you used your photos for holiday gifts? Share in the comments below!


  1. Judy Sariego

    Hi Katrina! I really enjoy your podcasts! They are one of the highlights of my day. Really glad you decided to have them on a weekly basis!! So, here’s my question. I recently purchased your Inspired ebook, from my iPhone and had it delivered to my Kindle app thinking I would be able to transfer it to my iPad kindle app. I can’t seem to do that. I checked my kindle library through the cloud tab and the book doesn’t show up. But, it IS on my phone in the Kindle app! I tried emailing Amazon about my problem and they could not help, since it’s not in the Library. They suggested I contact whomever I purchased the book from. Katrina, I so hope you can help me with this. I love the book, I just would like to be able to read it from my iPad, instead. It’s a lot easier to read from a larger platform than the phone.

  2. I really enjoyed this discussion – so many great ideas! I have two to add. Last year, I gave my niece two photo cubes for her 1st birthday. One cube has all the family groups from our side of the family and the other cube has photos from her dad’s extended family.

    A few years back, I gave my inlaws a framed family tree. There’s a picture of them at the center, then branches with each of the four children and their families.

    BTW, I just looked up pineapple m&m’s and they’re exclusive to Australia. My nephew and family are headed there in January for his Make-a-Wish trip, so I asked my sister to bring some back for me. 🙂

    • Cindy! These are great. Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing your awesome ideas!

      And I’ve got to say thank for the research on the pineapple m&m’s. Looking forward to getting a report on how they taste!

  3. Jeri Lange

    I make family calenders every year through Heritage Makers. Instead of just writing a birthday or anniversary on the date, I put a photo of that person or persons. My family loves them because they contain photos from the past year.

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