Get Support For Your 365 Project

Are you worried about sticking with your 365 Project?

There are a few things that make it easier:

A support system adds in that little bit of accountability you need on days when you’d rather not bother with taking a photo.

Support WILL help you through this. It is reassuring to surround yourself with people who understand the agony of missing a day, losing a hard drive, or running low on inspiration. It’s helpful to share the victories of beautiful photos, cooperative subjects, and perfect light with people who really get it.

There are many support options for you.


Start At Home

Enlist your family to help you out. They can be great at reminding you, making suggestions, and giving you a boost when you need it. Hang your idea list in a conspicuous place to remind prompt everyone! Unless, of course, you have that family that just doesn’t understand. Then onward we go.


Look In Your Community

Do you have a local camera club? Regular meetings, photo walks, and discussions can be a great way to connect with others and to build your photography skills. Check with your local camera store for possible groups they may know about.

Look Online

Of course, the easiest support group is right here. Click on over to the CaptureYour365 Community. CY365 is a free community to share photos and inspiration. The support and talent in the group just amazes me. I love that it is a small, intimate community. You get to know everyone and can ask any questions you have about photography, life, and the process of capturing your daily photos.

You can join us on the CaptureYour365 Facebook Page as well. Give us a Like and jump into the daily conversation.

Find a group on flickr. There are a variety of flickr groups to post your photos to. If you are already there join the CaptureYour365 group and start sharing your photos. There are a variety of other 365 groups as well.

You can get really specific with your groups, finding themed groups for 365 as well as critique groups, technique groups, and more. If you know your purpose, find a group that helps you match it!


Ask For What You Need

Take the time to connect with a group. Share your photos, leave comments for others. You will be inspired and help to inspire someone else in the process! Check back tomorrow when I’ll reveal the January prompt list!’


Where do you get your 365 support?


  1. I added a photo to the 365 Gallery and I want to delete it and add a corrected one. Can I do this and if so how?

    • Hi Amscpa,
      In the gallery, select your photo. Below your photo it should say IMAGE MODERATION. Click there and select DELETE. Let me know if you can’t find it and I can delete the photo for you.


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