Get Inspired With “Creative Lows”

Do you feel like there are no shots left to take? Is your favorite spot leaving you uninspired? Does your creativity need a jolt?

Then maybe Creative Lows can help!

I read an article once about ways to stay creative and it said instead of buying that new lens to give your creativity a boost you should buy a step ladder and knee pads! Being new to photography myself, that tip really resonated with me. Sometimes it’s not about the equipment but the placement of it. Since I’m not a fan of heights I decided to get low and quickly fell in love with the ground level point of view.

Getting started is simple…just set your camera down…and yes I mean on the ground! Don’t be discouraged from laying on the ground; you will gain a fresh perspective instantly!

Experiment with different focal lengths. Going wide is a great way to let more in and help tell a story.

Same scene (35mm vs 135mm)

Try varying the foreground and background to isolate your subject.

Playing around with the aperture is probably my favorite. It can turn an ordinary path or rolling wave into something magical.

Try choosing the lowest focal point with a wide open aperture to achieve that dreamy effect.

Next time the “Where You Stand” prompt comes around give the ground level point of view a try.

Using the self timer or burst setting is a great way to capture the action.

Having an app or a remote control can also be helpful when you want to sneak up on Mother Nature.

Set your camera up and wait…just remember to silence your shutter.

Be careful though – angry birds are not just in video games!

Last but certainly not least the most important thing is to just have fun – so get low and let your creativity flow!


  1. Sharon Billings

    This is a great blog post, Amy! I love all your photos to illustrate all the aspects of “getting low”. They are wonderful!
    I just have to add, too, that I so look forward to all your beach photos on CY365…so fantastic!

  2. bookemper

    I love this post. I do like to get low, but some of the examples you gave were much different, so many to try. I especially love your suggestion for the from where I stand shots. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  3. Certainly a great suggestion to ‘get low’. And I would recommend that you do so while you can! Your tips were so interesting:
    The distance shot versus the close up. I love those details that you achieved.

  4. Emily

    wonderful post, Amy— love these shots 🙂

  5. Rhadonda

    Epic! Epic!! Such a great read and great tips. You certainly have the gift of writing Amy! Great photos and inspiration. I can’t wait to “get low”!

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