Gearing Up For Project 365

Are you ready to try taking a photo a day for 365 days? 365 year.  Is this the day you begin to intentionally capture the moments of your life. The year you intentionally preserve the details that combine to create your life.

There are a few things I have learned about taking a photo every day:

I will take duplicate photos. I will repeat some of the photos from last year, but nothing will really be the same. It is a new year. I am different. The items and angles and moments and memory surrounding them will be different.

I will have some bad photos. Without a doubt I will have days with blurry photos, underexposed photos, and photos I don’t care that much about. They reflect life. As my life is not always perfect or balanced, neither will my photos be.

I will have a couple of photos that stand out from the rest. They will be the photos that shine. They will be the photos I place on my walls in frames and print for family. I’ll be happy if I have two that fit this description. That is the way this project works for me.

I will contemplate quitting somewhere along the way. I can expect to feel that urge toward the end of January when the newness has worn off a bit and we get back to the daily grind of life. I might want to give up again in July when the light is bright in the middle of the day. October, typically my busiest month of the year, will be difficult as well.

I will keep going. I will trudge through the dark times because I love this project. Well, frankly, I don’t know how to stop. Seriously. I don’t. And that is okay.

My photography will improve. I’ll learn something more about my camera, about exposure, about composition. I’ll see something in a way I didn’t before. My photos will get better. In small amounts, but they will improve.

I will meet new people. People are always my favorite part of the project. Connecting. Seeing others lives through their daily photos. Knowing we are alike and different in so many small ways.

A little preparation will get you ready to conquer the challenge of a 365 project.

Here are six tips to get you started on your photo a day project. Whether you are starting on the 1st, the 15th, or today.

Tip 1 – Purpose

Tip 2 – Product

Tip 3 – Make Space

Tip 4 – Work Flow

Tip  5 – Connect

Tip 6 – Inspiration


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  1. aeschine

    Hello! I have been wanting to this for some time and well…time to stop putting it off and get to it!!
    Lovely webpage design btw; light, elegant and well..inspirational!

    Look forward to this new journey!

  2. I just started my first ever!!! wish me luck!!!

  3. Loved Your Holidays Captured TTL and plan to make this first attempt at 365. However many photos I get will be more purposeful photos than I get most years, and should document more small moments of our life, not just the big events. Thank you!

  4. Will you be posting idea lists for the months again for 2014? I started my own project last year, but only got half way through, ran out of ideas. Found your site and love the idea sheets for each month and the articles that I have read so far.

  5. I liked the first tip and when I went to read the rest the links don’t go to the article. They instead go to the main blog page.

  6. Thank you for doing these daily prompts. I had an incredible Canon Rebel camera that I truly loved and used on a daily basis but just never learned how to get the best results from it. My son begged for a professional camera so I had mine cleaned and packaged and gave it to him as a Christmas gift 2 christmases ago, only to have it stolen a short time after. Then I learned of your daily prompts. Even without a camera, I saved every prompt from last year. Tomorrow is my 50th birthday and my family all chipped in and gave me a Nikon D3200 camera. I am so excited to go back to last year’s prompts and have I signed up for this year’s as well. I can’t wait to learn how to make my photography even better!

    • Happy Birthday!

      So glad you like the prompts and that you can jump in now with your new camera! What a kind gift!

      Looking forward to seeing your photos!

  7. Stacie Rochell

    Super excited that I found your website. I have been getting the capture365 for a year now but with life getting in the way I am just now able to shoot photos daily. I am interested in your classes but am not sure if the popular posts are the classes I’m suppose to take. Your page looks fairly easy to navigate but I feel a little slow…lol asking are these posts your lessons. Thanks for your inspiration and best wishes in all your endeavors.

    • Hi Stacie!
      Glad you found us too. Take a look at the top menu bar where it says CLASSES. That’s where you’ll find everything that’s happening around here! 😉

  8. New camera, fourth grandchild on the way. Capture 365 will focus my energy and keep me grounded. I hope.

  9. oldhome

    Katrina, thank you for your inspiration. I wondered how long you had been taking a pic everyday. I did the “grab your 366” and about September became very overwhelmed cause life got so busy and by November when I broke my foot, I crashed and burned. Always taking pictures just having trouble with the “manual” side of my Canon.
    So, I’m in for 2013 and I’m going to be happy with the pictures I take and the techniques I learn by plugging along each day.
    Thanks so much!!

  10. I stumbled across your blog while searching for Lightroom tutorials. I am looking forward to joining in the Capture Your 365 Challenge in 2013!

  11. Christine

    I also just found your site and started my 365!!!!!! Is there any way to upload photos from my iPad? I have been trying but not successful.

  12. Just found your site today from someone else’s blog. Is it too late to jump in????

    • It’s never too late to jump in to 365! Your first day can be any day you choose 🙂 We are here for you! So glad you found us!

  13. I missed last year but am back with renewed energy for 2012 🙂

  14. I loved doing 365, this my first year, and will definitely be joining you again. Thanks for all the wonderful tips and inspiration!

  15. I just found your site through Pinterest and I’m in love! I am in year two of a 365 project and I definitely need some new inspiration! Thank you!

  16. I’m so excited to be beginning a new year with 365! This will be my second year. Your daily prompts have helped me many times as I struggled for new ideas for daily photos. My purpose this year is to improve my photography. Last year I just snapped pictures, this year I want to concentrate on composure and light. I enjoy getting your email in my inbox each day! Thank you for your hard work!

    • I’m so glad you like the prompts Cathy! I love writing them and LOVE knowing they are helpful for others!

    • I’m so like you, Cathy. I did it last year without any purpose – just snapping pictures and there really is nothing wrong with it. This year, I want to focus on what I photograph & how. I’m interested in learning new features of my camera and using P365 to do so.

  17. I’m about to begin my fourth year of Project 365! Woohooo! Thank you for the inspirational emails!

  18. YOU ARE DOING THE 365 PROJECT FOR 5 YEARS??!!! Oh my, you are so consistent and patient!!! I so admire you. I will just be starting by january and I really am not sure if I would be able to complete the year, but I want to because I will do it for my daughter. I’m just wondering what others had (problems or issues) when they did the project and for thos who weren’t able to complete, what happened to them..

  19. blissmamaof3

    I am so in! Just coming off December Daily and finishing Picture the Holidays. I’m putting together my 2011 Project Life over the next two weeks and am super excited to begin a 366 with you!

  20. I so will be joining along! This is the 1st year I REALLY am going to do it.. I was doing Project Life and used prompts but didn’t get a chance I know I organize myself as much as I should BUT for 2012 I’m getting ready & w/you right along to help us why I know it will ROCK and can’t wait to give it a go.

  21. I’m in! Your statement, “I frankly don’t know how to stop” resonates with me. I love this project! I’m so glad I started it, and I’m so glad to have connected with you, your site and all the lovely photographers associated with it. The project is like life: Lots of ups and downs, shining moments and everyday ones, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.


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