Editing An Imperfect Photo To Enhance A Perfect Memory

Have a moment you love with a less than perfect photo? CY365 Creative Team Manager, Kelly Buss, walks you through the steps she used to improve a favorite photo of her sons. She walks you through using a brush in Lightroom, Auto Tone, and more!


Do you use Lightroom for your edits? Have an editing question for Kelly? Share in the comments below.




  1. Patricia Mariano

    Enjoyed the video on lightroom techniques. Thanks.

  2. Julie Hood

    Great, easy to understand workflow. Thank you!

  3. Pam F.

    I was thinking of moving to Lightroom because my CS4 will not open
    my RAW files from my new Nikon D7100. Adobe customer service told me
    they are not supported in LR either. I wish I could switch to LR. Thank you for your post.

  4. Peggy Pryor

    Kelly, this was a great video. I didn’t know about the option key or how to change just a small part of a photo. Do you download presets, and if so can you recommend a site. I hope you do some more of these.


  5. diana forsyth

    Super tips – thanks

  6. I am a photoshop user to this point but I would like to start with lightroom, seems easier and more user friendly for raw files. My question for you is…you said that you have to click on ‘option’. Is that on a mac and how would I do that on a pc? I suspect it may be control on mine…Thanks for your help and the great video of easy touch ups.

    • Jenny Reid

      Joan, Yes you are correct, the PC equivalent command to “Options” is “CTRL”. Happy editing

      • Jenell Shrock

        You might want to try the alt key instead on a PC. I’m a PC and Lightroom user and the alt key works for me. 🙂 The control key is the same as command on mac.

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