CY365 Episode 2 : That’s Your Talent


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The Panelists

Katrina Kennedy – CY365 Founder

Kelly Buss – CY365 Creative Manager


Notes From The Show

Black and white photography

The Golden Hour


As Seen In The Gallery

PJScott’s Natural

Westchesterscrapper’s Sunflower


What’s In My Bag


Katrina: Lightroom Clarity Adjustment


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In the comments below, let us know what you liked about this episode and what you’d love us to cover in future episodes!



  1. opal cocke

    Loved the podcast and the back and forth discussion and comments between both of you. I am looking forward to the black and white discussions in more detail…and shooting in RAW…..

  2. Thanks so much for these shows. I’m really enjoying them and know I’ll pick up more with each one. I’d love to hear shows on RAW, B&W, and tips/tricks/resources for using Lightroom. Thank you and keep the great episodes coming!

  3. I loved this episode of the podcast. I have now listened to all three and look forward to hearing more as they come out. I would LOVE to hear an episode on B&W, one on RAW and one on Lightroom. Thanks so much and I can’t wait to see what you guys talk about next!

  4. diana forsyth

    Great podcasts. A new playlist just for these lessons and info. More ideas on how to share other than facebook. Thanks and looking forward to the next podcast.

  5. Loved the podcast again! I LOVE the idea of having an entire topic devoted to black and white photos. They are my favorite images to look at but I have no idea how to go about creating them except for simply converting them to black and white. Also – showing my newbie status – jpg vs RAW? No idea, would be another great topic. What I am most in need of, however, is hearing how people organize their photos. Not just what program they use but how they are organized. By year and then month? (How exactly do you find things that way?) thematically? Some other way? I am so overwhelmed by this, especially with the amount of iPhone photos that I take.

  6. Another fabulous episode and great great great reminders. I will be definitely looking and playing with light differently now.

  7. Wow, what an amazing show! I’m a super novice photographer … maybe not even that, just a mom with a camera. I’ve heard you mention the importance of light before, so I really appreciated learning more in the show. Especially the suggestion to look at the light in your home at different times of the day. I’ll definitely be paying attention to that this week. Thank you!

    • Kelly Buss

      Thanks Suzy! Let us know your week goes. I’d love to know what you notice or learn about the light in your home.

      Also, just wanted to let you know that I have recently discovered your amazing digital designs (thanks to Cathy Z’s blog) and purchased the Halls of Learning Kit. WOW! It is jam packed with goodies and I can’t wait to use it in my scrapbooking this year.

  8. Simone Ruf

    Hello ladies –

    Very interesting podcast! I definitely had the same progression as Kelly when it comes to light. And I also do choose not to take photos if the light is really bad and I know I can take it another time.

    With regards to my sunflower and the background, I actually was shooting up at an angle to avoid a less pleasing background, so what you are seeing is a wall of leaves from the trees that were in the background. They are probably about 40-50 feet away from the flowers so I think that is why it is so even.


    • Kelly Buss

      Thanks for filling us in on the background. Makes perfect sense now!

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