Your Kids Captured Through The Lens


Do you love other people’s photos and wonder, “how do they get such great photos of their kids?”

Are you frustrated with the photos you take of your kids?

Join me as we look through the lens to together. We’ll explore techniques to take your kids’ photos with less frustration and better results. You’ll also get the advice of six guest photographers who happen to be moms with infants, toddlers, adolescents, teens, and grown children! (Oh, and one grand  ma!)


In six lessons you’ll explore the creative:

  1. Techniques to avoid the cheesy grin
  2. Capturing beautiful candid moments
  3. Changing your perspective for more interesting photos
  4. Capturing photos from behind
  5. Using props for better photos AND cooperation
  6. Things to focus on when cooperation is LOW

And  camera techniques:

  1. When and how to use Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Program Modes
  2. Where to find light and how to make the most of what you’ve got
  3. Lenses
  4. Depth of field
  5. Point and shoot tips
Katrina’s classes are all wonderful! This a great class that literally helps you see “your kids through the lens.” You’ll see your kids in a different light after taking this class, and your photos will be better and more purposeful. -Laurel Gibbons

Class includes:

  • Six pdf lessons (that’s over 70 pages of good stuff with links and more)
  • A private class forum and gallery
  • Six videos with ideas, examples, and step by step help
  • Contributions from six guest photographers (and moms) including Sam Ellis and Melanie Grimes

This class is suitable for ANY level of experience and ANY camera. It’s a great first step before diving into Your Life Captured Through The Lens.


  • A live photo discussion webinar
  • A live chat



  • This class is not currently open for registration. Subscribe to the CY365 Newsletter to be the first to know when YourKids will be offered again.


6 Lessons + Gallery + Forum Support + More

I’m totally a Katrina fan! I guess what has helped the most is seeing examples of her work because she always seems to have just the right image to illustrate what she is teaching! I’ve printed out all of the handouts from her classes and I keep them in a binder for easy reference. I frequently browse the pages for inspiration and I find something new and useful every time. – Katie The Scrapbook Lady 

(And just in case you are concerned, there will be more kids than just Ian! I just like him best.)


  1. I just wandered over from Scrap Orchard. Will this class be offered again soon?

    • Hi Jen,
      I won’t be offering this course again. I’ve left registration open if you want to jump in for the last two weeks of class. The first four lessons are still available to you and we’ll stick around after class for anyone who needs more time! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Cheryl

    I just found your classes.
    I am interested in the capturing kids through the lens.
    Is it too late to register?
    I know it just started.
    Is the next class capture your life through the lens?
    Does that one follow on, and go more in depth?
    Thanks for your time

    • Hi Cheryl!

      Not to late to join in at all! Class has received the first lesson, so you aren’t even behind!

      CaptureYourKids covers Program, Aperture Priority, and Shutter Priority modes along with tips/techniques for capturing your kids. Your Life jumps into shooting in Manual Mode. It is the next class and the two compliment each other nicely.

  3. Tracey

    I keep going back and forth on whether or not to sign up for this. I am not new to photography, I shoot in manual, understand my camera pretty well but find myself struggling with the best perspective and composition. I also sometimes have difficulty getting my exposure just right, but fortunately there is lightroom for that. Is this class more for a beginner or also someone fairly seasoned? Not sure either of my kids will cooperate either….I have a teenager and a tween.

    • Hi Tracey,
      Each class has a technical element and a creative element for working with kids. The technical elements will probably all be review for you. I think my class, Exposure, might be a better fit for you. I’ll be offering that in 2014.

  4. Amanda Heagy

    I see that the Capture your kids class is starting July 22 and it is closed. Is there any way that you have room for one more to participate in this class

  5. Jenny McDonald

    Will you be making this class available again some time soon?

    • Hi Jenny,
      I don’t have plans to offer this class again until the fall of 2013.

      I will be offering Your Life Captured Through The Lens on March 5th.

  6. Just acme across your class – it is 1/24 – is there anyway I can still sneak into the class?

  7. Hi Katrina,
    This looks great, but it’s a tough time of year for me, do you offer this class other times during the year, like late spring or summer?

  8. Ashley Haden

    I’m confused, is this a “live” online class weekly, or just something I read through on my own. I was confused when it said 6 PDF lessons. That makes it sound like a book?

    • It is an online class with downloadable pdf’s provided each week. We have a live event that is also recorded for those who cannot make. We segment it over the six weeks to make it digestible. You’ll have a community forum and gallery to help support you through the 6 weeks as well.

  9. Anita Schurg

    I’d really like to take this class because A: I have a brand new DSLR that I need to learn and B: because that DSLR was primarily bought for my brand new baby and 10 year old boy. And C: January 22nd is my birthday so it’s a perfect present! However with a brand new baby in the house will it be too difficult to get enough out of your class? Are they on my own time and terms or is there a pretty strict schedule to stick to?

    • Congratulations on the brand new baby!

      We have a schedule Anita, but there is lots of flexibility with it. Each week a lesson is available. Many people do them at their own pace and post when they can. Our live even it recorded so you can watch it when you are ready.

      You really can make this work on your terms.

  10. Nancy Beck

    Hi Katrina!
    I’m on the CT over at DD and still shooting on auto, shocking I know! I am constantly amazed by the photographic talent of our team and members and have vowed that 2013 is the year I am going to devote to learning how to take better photos myself. Kelly Buss assured me that this class is the right place to start! Looking forward to this journey!

  11. Heather Kurek

    Yeah! Just registered for this class. I LOVED your holiday one and can’t wait to start this one!!

  12. Marilyn Hillam

    Katrina, this class sounds like a great place to start, but I don’t have my grandchildren here very often to photograph. Can I substitute other people/places/things for lesson assignments?

    • You can absolutely substitute. We also have one lesson in class that doesn’t require kids at all, since those little stinkers can be less than cooperative sometimes!

  13. Jennifer

    When does the registration open up for this class?

  14. This is my year to learn all things photography … Ok not all things !!! Just the year to get started, and my bestie Carol G recommends your blog and your classes, so can’t wait to get started 🙂

  15. What if I don’t have children but am interested in the class anyways?

  16. Marie Tovo

    Can you tell me when your next class will be offered? I’m interested in seeing what you’re going to offer next. Thanks,
    Marie Tovo

    • Marie,
      My next class is Exposure. Registration opens to everyone on Saturday and class begins July 10th. Newsletter subscribers are receiving early registration information and price this week.

  17. Lynnette

    Hi Katrina! It’s time for my to work on my photography skills. When will this class be offered again? Do you have any other options? Do you offer workshops in Sacramento? Any other recs?Trying to explore all my options and I know you will lead me in the right direction.

    • Hi Lynette,

      This class will be offered again in 2013. The next class up is Exposure – great if you are a little familiar with manual mode and really want to understand exposure in different situations.

      I am planning a live class in Sacramento later this summer, more details soon.

      How would you describe your current photography skill? That can help me give you the best recommendation.

  18. Ann D

    WOW I just won this class for me and a friend at the book launch party. May I say what a great book too. Have mine downloaded. This is one grandma who can’t wait to get better photos of the kids and the grandsons!

  19. Charlene

    Katrina- I wonder if this class would be good for a person with a point and shoot camera?

    • Charlene,

      This class IS perfect for ANY camera. There are some dSLR tips in each lesson, but also point and shoot tips, and LOTS of kid tips! I’ve had both types of camera users in class and both have benefits!

  20. Hi Katrina! I kept hearing your name on the Digi Show. So glad I found you. Off to sign up for the class!!

  21. Michelle

    Hi Katrina, I have always wanted this one! But I have not taken a class with you since Dec. at GIS—is this class all right here on your 365 site now? Sorry for the ignorant question!

  22. I am so excited for this class. When in Vegas with you I couldn’t wait to get to Shoot my Kids! Now I get to!

  23. Hi Katrina, do I need to know how to use manual mode to take this class?

  24. Thanks! So glad you enjoyed the other classes too.

    Happy mother’s day to you!

  25. Blissmamaof3

    This sounds great! I loved your holiday and previous life through the lens class. See you on the 10th! Happy mother’s day to me!

  26. Eran Sudds

    Hi Katrina! I don’t actually have kids, but I photograph kids frequently as a portrait photographer. However, I always find children’s photography the most frustrating and/or challenging! Do we need to have kids at-the-ready for this course, or do you think I’d be ok without? (I don’t always have a photo shoot lined up with kids or family). thanks!

    • Eran, you’ll be okay without kids! There are three assignments in each lesson, but you could easily practice on other things or just save them up for when you do have kids!

      I think you’ll gain a lot of perspective for making your kid’s shoots much more effective and getting rid of a bit of that frustration. Who knows better than a bunch of moms 🙂

  27. I feel like a total dork, Katrina. I took this class (and loved it) when it wasnt offered at 365. Now I can’t remember where I took it.

    • Laurel, you took it at Get It Scrapped with me! So glad you loved it!

      The materials are newly updated and redesigned by the very talented Marin Barney. I’ve also added two new guest mom photographers to the materials!

      • Is it that much different? Any chance of an alumni discount if it is?

  28. Claudia

    Oh this sounds like a class I very much need. That is exactly what I always ask myself… how do they do that?


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