CaptureYour365 Photo Challenge Lists

2017 CY365 Challenge

Each month we post a new photo list! Follow three quick steps to join us in the CY365 Challenge. Try it for a month or for the entire year!

Get The List

Download this month’s list. Scroll down to find the current list. Download it to your favorite device or print it for quick reference. I post mine right next to my desk and carry it on my phone.

Take A Photo Every Day

Create your image with whatever camera you have!

Go sequential if that’s your thing or pick one that inspires you. Go out on your own if you need to. Take the inspiration literally or go figuratively.

There is no wrong way to use the prompts! And really…if you need to skip a prompt…then skip it! Make this YOUR project. Each month we repeat some prompt ideas to create year long themes.


Shoot what you can. Share what you can. No pressure.  Sharing helps keep you motivated all year long. We love seeing your photos.

How should you share? You have options! Pick one place or choose them all. It’s YOUR 365.

Pick the one that is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't want to take a photo EVERY day?

There are many ways to use our prompts without taking a photo a day. Try one a week. Use them as a scavenger hunt when you have time for a photo walk. You’ll find CY365 is a welcoming and supportive photography community no matter how many photos you take.

Do I have to post my 365 photos to social media?

Posting is totally optional! Posting your photos is a great way to stay connected to other CY365ers for encouragement throughout the year.

How can I easily move my photos from the dSLR to my phone for ease in editing and sharing on Instagram?

There are several ways to do this. We recommend the Toshiba WiFi card for moving photos from your card to your phone.

What is the Prompt Ebook? How do I get it?

Each month we create a new ebook with all of the prompts for the month. It includes photos, prompts, and a description about each day’s prompts. Plus, it’s beautiful! Members receive it as part of their membership. You can get a membership here. 

Do I need to edit my photos before sharing?

This is a personal choice. Many of us edit our photos using Lightroom, Photoshop, or a variety of phone apps. Make this work for YOU.

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