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When Will Daily Emails Arrive?

The daily emails arrive at 3:59AM your local time, wherever you are in the world. You’ll receive your first daily email two days after you subscribe. You can access the daily emails in the private classroom area if you miss one or it does not arrive as expected.

What Does The Monthly Ebook Contain?

The monthly ebook contains the monthly photo list, each daily prompt, and the prompt description. The ebook will also feature our Behind The Lens guest photographer and an article on a photography related subject each month. The sub prompts and Creative Team Member captions will arrive with the daily email.

What Is The Monthly Member Bonus?

Classic and Premier members receive the monthly member bonus. The bonus differs each month. You can expect ONE SPECIAL BONUS each month. It will be either a webinar covering photo technique and editing, an ebook covering composition and inspiration, a video covering editing and technique, or critique opportunities. The member bonus is announced at the beginning of each month.

Classic and Premier members who join midyear will have access to all of the Member Bonuses for the previous months.

What Classes Are Planned For 2016?

 We will offer the following classes in 2016:

  • Kickstart Your 365
  • CaptureING (the next 12-month class in the PRACTICE series, class begins January 5th)
  • Exposure
  • A New Holiday Class (name to be determined)
  • Appreciate It (a new class all about valuing your photos and creating more of what you love about photography)

Will You Offer CaptureYourLife Through The Lens (the manual mode class) in 2016?

We have retired the CaptureYourLIfeThroughTheLens class. A self-paced version is available for instant access exclusively for PREMIER MEMBERS.

Can I Receive A Refund Of My Annual Membership If I Decide I Don't Want It Anymore?

Because you begin to receive multiple benefits from the membership as soon as you subscribe, we are not offering refunds or prorated refunds. Thanks for understanding. Please contact me if you have any concerns or questions about your membership. We are here for you!

Can I Cancel My Basic Membership?

 Yes, you can cancel the Basic Membership at any time. Your account is charged on the same day of the month, each month until you cancel.

How Can I Get The Prompts If I Don't Sign Up For A Membership?

You can download the monthly prompt list. Follow along, post your photos, tag them with #cy365. If you were on the 2015 daily email list, you’ll continue to receive the weekly emails. If you’d like to get on the weekly list, subscribe here.

Will The CY365 Gallery & Forum Still Be Available If I Don't Sign Up For A Membership?

Yes! We would love to see your photos. Keep posting and asking questions. We love the CY365 Community.

Can I Buy The Monthly Ebook?

Yes! At the end of each month, you can purchase the preceding month’s ebook.

Will I Still Have Access To Classes I've Taken?

Yes! Your existing CY365 Classes are all available in the Classroom area. They will remain there indefinitely. You can also take new classes with or without having a membership.

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