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Everyone who embarks on a Photo-A-Day Challenge approaches it uniquely.  Some document their day.  Others use it to push themselves creatively. When Tracey Gehring joined the CY365 community in April, she decided to capture a photo every day using the CY365 Photo Challenge List.   Her gallery inspires the community by embracing the list fully and sharing the stories of her photos.  Each day I look forward to seeing how Tracey will interpret the prompt!


Meet Tracey Gehring.

 What sparked your interest in photography?

When I was about 5, I was given my first camera, and I was officially hooked.

I could take pictures!

My mom gave me the film, and had it developed for me – it was amazing. They were terrible photos, but all mine. I have shots from when I was about 7 of my friends modeling for me – very humorous to look back!

I think I have to credit my dad, too – he was always the one with the camera. I’m sure I get the shutter bug gene from him!


What kind of camera do you use?

I use a Nikon D90 which I got about 3 1/2 years ago for my birthday. I also use my old Canon PowerShot S3 IS for shots that need a tripod. I don’t have a tripod beefy enough to hold up my Nikon. My iPhone 4 comes in handy too.

I used to reject the idea of phone cameras/photos, thinking they can’t possibly turn out good, but that was so wrong to do! I’m a convert now that I’ve seen what can actually be done with them – amazing! Plus, I’m addicted to photography apps. I love having so many photographic options/mediums to play with!


What is your favorite lens?

I only have 2 lenses: a Nikkor 55-200mm and a Nikkor 18-105mm.

I use the 18-105mm almost exclusively. It’s versatile, and I can do almost everything I’d like to do with it, but not all. It’s frustrating when you know what you want to accomplish and it’s just not in the lens’s ability. The next lens that I’m anxious to have is a macro lens.


What makes you happiest about your photography?

I think what makes me happiest is the fun and the frustration it brings.

The frustration motivates me to learn how I can get the photo the way I want it.  I have more fun as I get it figured out.

It’s also about the creation of memories as well.  I’ve always been the “historian.” Documenting with photos and labeling them with the who, what & where makes me happy! I’ve so many old photos that I’ve no idea who’s in them, and that is something I vowed to never let happen with photos I take.



What is your favorite aspect of CY365?

My favorite aspect of CY365 is that it gives me a daily intent and purpose. It gets my mind working to try new things when I’ve become stale and complacent, or satisfied with only taking the photos that you “need” to take at the “appropriate” times.  CY365 has changed all that! It’s dared me to try things, and to play with things. It’s become a license to create, which is something I’ve always desired, but have never done.

I’ve always had a different way of noticing things that someone else might not take a photo of, but both the CY365 project and the fabulous community support and indulge my way of thinking. Because of that support, I’ve created images that I’ve amazed myself with! CY365 is wonderfully affirming and inspiring! This is my first 365 project, but absolutely NOT my last.

You can follow Tracey’s photography in her CY365 Gallery or on Flickr.


  1. Jeannie Thiessen

    Thank you Tracey for being such a wonderful part of the CY365 community. You are a blessing to all. Plus your photography is gorgeous!

  2. Faith Haynesworth (Sadieskid)

    Tracey, I have to agree with Jeannie. You are one of the most positive and encouraging members of this community…traits which keep others, including myself, going. Thanks for being such a blessing! :)

  3. Loved reading more of your story, Tracey. I enjoy seeing your photos and reading the comments that you leave for everyone else. Thank you! It is weird how you feel like you are friends with someone that you have never met.

    • Not weird at all! I have had many internet friends I was able to meet in real life and can now call them real friends as well. It’s amazing how the internet can connect us with people across miles!

  4. Tracey Gehring

    Oh my goodness, thank you Jeannie, Faith and Kris! You’re all so kind – wow, thank you!!! :D xoxo

  5. I loved reading this exposé on Tracey and the beautiful photos! thanks for posting it Katrina!

  6. Beautiful story, Tracey! Love your sweet posts and beautiful pictures. They inspire me. :)

  7. Michele Barbera

    Tracey, I am so happy you are a part of the CY365 community. I am inspired by your creative takes on the prompts each day and I look forward to seeing your beautiful photos in the gallery. So glad I have gotten the chance to know you a little better. Thanks for sharing !

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