Behind The Lens | Molly Cable

Each month we introduce you to a talented member from the CY365 Community. Molly Cable (cablevet in the gallery and forum) is this month’s featured artist.

Meet Molly.



What sparked your interest in photography?

I realized, from a very young age, that photographs could take you back in time. Put together, they could tell a story that spanned generations. My mom has a large hutch with drawers that housed our pictures. Many were not in books so when a photo was searched for, hours were spent remembering. My husband got me my first DSLR as a gift when our first daughter was born. I had never had a better reason to capture my moments.



Which comes first, the story or the photo?

The story! I rarely pose anyone and love chasing my kids around. I always have my camera within reach and they’ve grown used to me asking questions about what they’re doing and taking pictures while I do. Even when I’m laying out pieces for a still life, they “speak” to me and I have to ask what I’m trying to convey with my set up.



If you could only use one lens for the rest of your life, which would it be?

I rented a Canon L 24-70 mm f2.8 for our trip to Disney and I fell in love. I can’t afford it right now, so my Canon 35 mm f/2 is my work horse.



What motivates you to pick up your camera every day?

Memories need to be captured. All I have left of my Dad are pictures and I display them prominently. I want my girls to remember. I want my grandkids to remember. And maybe someone else is feeling something – blessed, motivated, happy – through my work.



What is your favorite thing about CY365?

Not until my second daughter was born about 4 years ago did I realize I wanted my photos to capture more and I needed to get better. I fumbled along, sometimes getting lucky which pushed me to find out how to get more consistent. I had never heard of a 365 project until I read an article on consistency. Then it clicked. This group has simply made me a better photographer. Period.

Here are a few spots you can follow Molly’s Photography:

CaptureYour365 Gallery




  1. julie bush

    So nice to ee you featured here. I love seeing your photos everyday. You have such a talent for capturing the everyday and you are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your life 🙂

  2. WOW Molly, your photos are AMAZING!!! They draw me in and make me smile. I look at them and marvel at what you have captured in those precious faces.

  3. Garnett Hutchinson

    Loved t adding about you! You have such a great eye in capturing the moment!

  4. Amy Jordan

    What a treat to see you featured this month! I love your photos especially the ones of your sweet girls – they are priceless!! I don’t think you have to worry about your photos in the years to come I’m pretty sure they will be a cherished keepsake for generations to come!! You have a gift!!

  5. Shelle Wood

    Such beautiful photos! I remember the one of you in all the various poses with your kids! I loved it! Glad to see you featured!

  6. Molly, I love seeing the beautiful pictures of your family. You have a talent for capturing the sparkle of your kids. It was nice to hear about you as well. Congratulations!! Keep up the great work 🙂

  7. Molly, you have such a talent for capturing the everyday and making it look amazing! It was lovely to read about you.

  8. Molly your talent is off the charts. You do have the gift of capturing the moment and I have loved seeing your sweet family and your other photos too. Can’t wait to watch them grow up as we follow along with you!!! So glad you were featured!

    • Rhadonda, I have to be honest. Your encouragement during my first 365 is one of the only reasons I pushed through. You are ALWAYS genuinely loving and helpful. So glad you know you!

  9. Debra Penk

    I love your style, Molly! It was nice to read about you this month.

  10. love your real life- in the moment pictures!!!!!

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