Behind The Lens | Marisol Morales

Each month we introduce you to a talented member from the CY365 Community. Marisol Morales (SpazioCreativo in the gallery and forum) is this month’s featured artist.

Meet Marisol.



What sparked your interest in photography?

I always had an interest in photography. It goes beyond photos of a vacation trip, a holiday or a family gathering. I have always noticed details that most people don’t see and wanted to document them as well as turning everyday little things into beautiful and attractive images. One day I started to look for learning and practice alternatives in the Internet and found CY365.




Which comes first, the story or the photo?

I don’t have an established pattern. I like photos that tell a story, but often the image comes first in my mind’s eye. Frequently I see an old item or some forgotten structure and wonder about the history it might have. In that case I try to capture an image that awakens my curiosity and interest as well as that of those who see my photo.




If you could only use one lens for the rest of your life, which would it be?

My 50mm lens. That’s the one I use the most and the one which helps me achieve the bokeh effect that I like. It’s a very versatile lens . I don’t have much experience with many lenses yet, but am looking forward to add in the future a lens to capture landscape images.




What motivates you to pick up your camera every day?

An impulse to create. An impulse that feels like a need that moves me to try and grab that new photo, to come up with an idea and turn it into that still image which I will be able to revisit every now and then and enjoy. To make a photo a day is daring my imagination. To visualize an idea, get it done and watch and enjoy the final product is so satisfying that it fills me with joy and pride.




What is your favorite thing about CY365?

The CY365 community is such a diverse group of people united by the love and passion that photography instills in oneself. As a group we celebrate our achievements, cry over losses and laugh at our own craziness. Each photo is the daily story of a moment in the lives of each of us and I love that feeling.

Here are a few spots you can follow Marisol’s Photography:

CaptureYour365 Gallery




  1. Sharon Billings

    I so loved finding out a bit more about you, Marisol! Your work is always so very creative and inspirational to me. I am so glad you are a member of CY365 as that enables me to share in your wonderful photography!

  2. It was lovely to read about you Marisol. I love following your work. You are so creative and inspirational.

  3. Debra Penk

    Marisol, I have been enjoying your creative photos for a long time! Your playfulness and use of color are outstanding. So nice to see you featured here.

  4. Amy Jordan

    What a treat to read more about you!! You bring such creativity to the gallery – I always look forward to seeing your photos!!

  5. Julie Bush

    Such a great article. I love your work Marisol, you continue to inspire and encourage me to improve my own. Thank you so much for sharing your photos. They are a joy 🙂

  6. Rhadonda

    Marisol has always been such a joy to follow!! Marisol your creativity is amazing and you are so beautiful. I also appreciate your sense of humor!! And of course you live at the border of heaven!

  7. wow- such great images- love your use of lines and light- 🙂

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