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Meeting talented new people is one of my favorite benefits to teaching photography classes. Kelly has been in several of my classes and her photos have always grabbed my attention. She captures real, everyday moments and balances raising five boys. I’m impressed by her stamina and her talent!

Please meet my friend, Kelly Buss.


What sparked your interest in photography?

My kids.  I loved taking pictures of my boys, but I was tired of disappointing pictures that were out-of-focus or washed-out from the flash.   At the same time, my jump into the digital scrapbooking world exposed me to a community of talented photographers and digital artists.   As I saw their beautiful photographs showcased on a scrapbook layout, I knew I wanted to learn to take better pictures.

My son Jonah at age five, working on his homeschool lessons. In this picture, I was attempting to get in closer than I normally would.

What camera do you use?

Right after Christmas, my husband surprised me with a  Canon 60D . I’m still learning my way around it.  It’s probably more camera than I need, but I’ll work my way into using all it has to offer.

his picture was taken while I participated in Katrina’s Capture Your Kids Through Your Lens. The topic for that weeks lesson was to “go wide”, so I took advantage of my son’s energy and our freshly baled hay to grab this picture. I love the wide-open feel the sky and field lend to this picture.

What is your favorite lens?

Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8 (Yes, I would have LOVED the Canon version, but with 5 little boys around my house, I just couldn’t rationalize the money…. Imagine this conversation in 15-20 years “Yes, I know you wanted to go to college, but don’t worry son, I’ve got great pictures of you….”) I also have the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 Lens.

I would have never capture this shot with out Katrina’s directions from her class Capture Your Holidays Through Your Lens. Her lesson walked me through exactly what to set my camera settings to and how to use my light meter. This picture has become one of my favorite holiday images from 2010.

What makes you happiest about your photography?

I love hearing my boys giggle at the expressions I’ve captured, or having my husband notice a picture where everything came together just right.  I love that my family will help me set-up a shot or wait patiently while I fidget with adjustments (ok, that’s a dream, whose family ever waits patiently??)  I’m also filled with an intense satisfaction of knowing I took those pictures.


What did you learn in Your Life: Captured Through The Lens?

Uh, everything. Seriously everything.  I finally understand the triangle of ISO, aperture and shutter speed.  I know how to get a bokeh (I had to learn that word first!) and how to pan.  And, drum roll please, I know how to shoot in manual and use my light meter.

Taken in February, this was during the “Blizzard of OZ.” In my part of Kansas, we seldom have blizzards, so these weather conditions caused quite the news. I was particularly fascinated that the bench had no snow on it. It seemed so lonely and cold under the tree.

What are your current photography goals?

First I want to continue to learn my new camera.  That baby’s got more bells and whistles than I know what to do with, so I’m trying to bump my photography up a bit and take advantage of them. Another goal is to learn to use my speedlite flash.  Right now it just occupies space in my camera bag, but I’m forcing myself to read the manual and learn how to adjust it and use it off camera.

You can see more of her photography on flickr and in the CY365 Gallery. You can find her pages in her scrapbook gallery.
How does Kelly’s view from Behind the Lens inspire your own view?



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  2. beautiful photos and great interview. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kelly! These photos are just lovely! The jumping on the hay bales is my favorite – it so captures the all-around boy fun and the energy he is using, not to mention the gorgeous sky.

    Enjoyed learning more about you and your family. :0)

  4. Loved your interview with Kelly. I know there’s still so much to learn, no matter how long I’ve been fiddling with my cameras. I participated in Capture Your Holidays, even though I didn’t post any photos in the gallery, and I did learn alot. It’s great to hear that Kelly benefitted from Katrina’s classes. I migh have to try another one at some point.


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